Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Award... *smiles*

I received another award from my fellow blogger friend Brenda at "Welcome to Country Romance from the Heart". I am so grateful to her for thinking of all her blogging friends during this very stressful time in her life.

She has been such a good friend even though we have not met each other face to face. Even though we have not met I know we would be GREAT FRIENDS! I think Heavenly Father is using the blogging community to help woman connect with other woman all across the globe. People whom you would not have the chance to ever meet because they live in a different country or state you can meet, share your lives with them, get feed back and not feel alone. Blogging about what I am going through each day and having my blogging friends share their comments uplifts me and encourages me. I also love reading other blogs and taking their ideas and suggestions and incorporating them into my own life....or even better yet, when a blogging friend is down and pours her/his heart out to the world I can post a comment that expresses to them they are not alone. That someone else out in this big world understands what they are going through and is not judging them, but trying to uplift them, encourage them during this time.

So now I have the privilege to pass this award on! And I am giving it to every person who reads my blog! YEP!

All you have to do is click on the award picture and save the picture on your computer then create a post saying you got an award from me, and past the award in the post. Then it is time to PASS IT ON! You can pass it on to as many people as you want too. It is up to you.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog and also those who leave comments. The comments always uplift me, and encourage me in my daily trials. I am grateful for all my friendships I have made.

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Renee' H said...

I just really hope you try to take it easy this last little bit before the baby decides to make her appearance. I know it's hard to get good sleep at night with all the up to go potty, but it's important to get some naps in. Rest up as much as you can. Some good food couldn't hurt either.

Andrea said...

Blogging is awesome eh?
So glad to have met you through blogging.

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