Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On my mind...

I am alive.
So glad that the weather has cooled off!
No baby yet.
Feet are very swollen because of the heat.
Called the Dr. office yesterday because right foot more swollen then left.
Tried to rest during the day.
Had dinner with girl friends at a Mexican restaurant (favorite food!) last night.
Good talking with my friends....MUCH NEEDED!!!!

Had a hard time sleeping last night. Same old stuff.
Bug came up stairs to sleep in our bed (unfortunately) at 5:30am
Bug slept in tell 8am!!!! This never happens. It was so nice to get up and get ready before Bug was on the go.

Had weekly Dr. Appointment.
Dr. was delivering a baby when I arrived, so I had to wait in the waiting room.
Bryan took Bug around the Dr. Office to burn off some energy.
Did the same procedure as last week to help move things along...since I will be 40 weeks on Saturday.
Getting nervous about the timing of everything.....who will end up watching Bug when I go into labor, how the labor is going to go, I don't know if I am having contractions right now.

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Andrea said...

I hate never knowing if it's the real thing or not. It's the worst to go to the hospital and then be sent home. Can't wait!!

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