Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Over did it? Part III (Dr. Appointment & Blood Work up results for Kitty)

I had another weekly Dr. Appointment today.

After the long day yesterday and fact that I didn't get much more sleep with Bug waking up crying a few times last night and then the peeing issue as well, I was pretty tired when Bryan, Bug and I headed out to the Dr. Office. I forgot my water bottle- :( I was thirsty the whole time.

Only gained a 1/2 pound. Yea! Measuring 39 cm. And Dr. did the procedure to help get things progressing with labor. It was NOT fun!!!! I acutally had a very strong contraction right at the beginning of the proceedure, witch made things worse. Not sure if the proceedure will even do anything. But I do think I might be feeling contractions through out the rest of today...light ones....and they are not close together. I need to get a pad of paper and write them down when they happen and then keep track of how often. (timing them)

But the one good thing from the appointment; I got an answer out of him on the fact that if nothing has happened (progressed) by next week August 20th then I can schedule to be induced sometime during the following week (August 25-29th) because by then I will be 40 weeks along and he really doesn't think it in the best interest of me or the baby to let me go to 41 weeks. He is not sure how much she is weighing, and is not planning on doing another ultrasound to try and guest on the weight, but he is pretty positive that she is 8 pounds right now. He can't be completely sure, and we will not truly know until she is born but he is guessing she is about that. That being said, he is sure she will be fine if he has to help my body get started on labor.

Disclaimer here....he can try to induce labor and my body doesn't respond and then it is up to me to do it on my own. HOPE NOT but it could happen.
Also, I could go in August 20th, nothing has progressed, he does the procedure again that he did today, and also schedule an appointment to induce some time during the week of the 25th and then I go into labor on my own, OR the day comes for me to arrive at the hospital to be induced and the hospital calls me not to come in because they got slammed with a bunch of labors and have no room for me.....and have to reschedule me. So that all being said...I am still going CRAZY!!! *L*

I am such a control freak and the fact that I can't control this is FREAKING ME OUT!!!! *L*
I will survive....I will....and this part of the process of being pregnant is suppose to be this way...I am trying to enjoy it too. on to the Kitty!

Vet called me at noon with the blood work results and she doesn't have Hypothyroid problems, and she is not diabetic, but there is something going on with her kidneys. So..... we are to continue with the antibiotics twice a day and when she is done, 10 days later have her back in to see the vet to give a urine sample to check the kidneys. She might need more meds to work on the kidneys, and possibly a new food diet to help with the kidney problem. The vet said that the weight loss could be from the kidney's but she is not sure. So it is a waiting game for the kitty too. I scheduled her appointment at 10am on the 29th. Here's hoping I am not in labor at that time. *L*

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Renee' said...

Wow! You sure have been busy posting. I am sorry about the kitty. Has Bug settled down since the excursion? You take it easy lady, or not. I guess you could start things up. I wonder how big Ladybug is? Can't wait to get that call from you! Some things I've heard to start labor:drink rasberry herbal tea; drink caster? oil; have _ _ X, I've heard it works; walk a lot.

jennbecc said...

PHEW! Lots going on and lots on your mind! I hope things calm down and that you feel some sort of control so that you can have peace. Enjoy your DATE with your girlfriends!
Love you,

Alyson said...

Today is the day, I hope that procedure worked, make sure to drink some castor oil just in case ;-p. I'm sure my Bug will turn out to be right afterall. Good luck.

Andrea said...

I think the worst part is not knowing when it's all going to happen. So hard to give up that control.
Hope all is going well!

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