Monday, September 22, 2008

Bath Time!

I have wonderful news to share with you all. News that makes me so very happy.

My Lady Bug loves to take her baths now!

I know this might seem strange to type my joy of my daughter taking a bath, but I am so happy that she is not screaming her head off during it any longer. Now she only screams when I take her out of the warm, relaxing water.

Here are a few pictures of us tonight during bath time. Notice how relaxed she looks.

Oh, and I thought it would be cute to share a picture from the past. This is Bug and me on the day before he turned 1 month old back in 2005! It is so hard to believe how little and tiny he was way back then.

4 jittering comments:

Andrea said...

they look alike. the same hair. lol. glad the bath is fun now.

MaryRuth said...

she's so cute!!

Grammy said... I remember that first bath! LOL...I love it when she pulls her chin up and out! Looks so different....long neck maybe?

jennbecc said...

Glad she does like her bath now...I can still hear her crying from when Bryan was giving her a bath while we were there. *L* She looks very peaceful. :)

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