Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ER visit

First off, Bryan and I had a great time at the movie. We saw "Ghostown". It was funny. Had a good message. Lunch/dinner at Red Robin was yummy! Bacon Burger! To die for! Bryan got some very spice nachos, that made my eyes water! It was so wonderful to get out and spend some time with just us. I only thought of the kids once or twice, but I new they were in good hands with Shelby. I wanted to enjoy my time with Bryan.

When we got home Bug was just waking up from a nap. Shelby said that he was very hot and wanted to lie down so she gave him some Tylenol and then sent him to bed. He woke up cranky. He was whining! We managed to give him a nebulizer treatment last night before he fell asleep but he woke me up at 11pm crying really bad, and would not calm down. He was having a really hard time breathing. I called his pediatricians office and they told me to take him to the ER. So I got dressed and put in my eyes (contacts) and Bug and I headed to the ER, at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

It was kind of like I was in a bad dream. It was only a month ago I was here for my own issues. The staff was amazing! They took us right in and got Bug's stats (breathing, heart rate, and temp) and then got us into a room. The Doctor came in checked him out. There was a resident with him who we (Bryan and I) know from Church. It was nice to recognize someone. Helped me to be calm because I felt like Bug was in good hands. The Dr. proscribed a nebulizer treatment and them some steroids in liquid form. He had a total of 3 nebulizer treatments and the liquid steroids. It was a challenge to get him to take the liquid stuff but we managed to get it down him. The room was set up with a TV and a nurse came in with some videos for Bug to pick from. We watched Madagascar, while we waited between nebulizer treatments.

He was improving. I was tired, and wanted to go to bed. Bug was sleepy too. The ER Dr. came in and looked at him again, and sent us home with a prescription for more Arbuterol and some liquid steroid to take 1 time a day. It was 1:45am when I got home.

Bryan and Lady Bug were up. Lady Bug was drinking her bottle. I got Bug down to sleep finally at 2:30am, and then I headed to bed myself. I think Lady Bug was up at 4am to be fed, and then Bug was up for the day at 6:45am.

Needless to say, Bug is really sick. He continues to whine through out the day. His upper lip is really chapped and cracked. It has been bleeding, because he keeps rubbing his nose snot across his face. He is feeling really bad, but running around at the same time because of the medications. I filled his prescription for the liquid steroid and he refused to take it. He had a melt down, and luckily Bryan was here to help me out. I started to cry.

I am at my wits end. Tired, and exhausted. I feel so stressed out. Don't know wither I am coming or going. The whining and the baby crying is really getting to me. I feel every muscle in my body tense up when I hear either of them make a noise. Uggg.

I don't know what I am going to do when Bryan starts back at work on Thursday! I am so scared and worried, that I am going to be alone with two crying babies, and I will not be able to get either of them to stop.

Maybe this is why when I get stressed I head for the chocolate?

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Mikaela said...

Oh man, what a horrible ordeal. I hope your little guy gets feeling better soon....rest as much as you can, which I know is way easier said than done when you're juggling two...i can only imagine! You've definately been through a lot the last 6 weeks or so!

jennbecc said...

Sorry Bug is sick and that you're feeling overwhelmed. Two crying kids is tough but you'll get the hang of it fast. You're a great Mommy! Once you figure out what works for you, you'll be off and running like a pro! :)
Love ya!

Grammy said...

wow...You have had your hands full! Hope Bug gets better real soon and the steroids help. Guess who else is sick now?? yup..me. This is one powerful bug hitting everyone. Thanks Washington State! And now it is in California! LOL Try and get some rest...love and hugs

Andrea said...

ahhh. I really wished I lived near you and could help you out.
Hope bug gets better quick!
So sorry for all the sick and crying and stress. Eat lots of chocolate.

Stephani said...

Wow, the pictures say it all....I'm so sorry things have been so stressful, and I know how magnified it can be when you're so tired on top of it all. I hope Bug gets feeling better quickly, you are truly amazing...

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