Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

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Well, it has finally happened. I am turning 40!

Gotcha! Actually I am turning 38 today. I thought it would help me feel better about turning 38 if I realized that I was really not turning 40. Kind of.

My hubby helped me out today and fed Lady Bug at 4am this morning, and then at 6am and allowed me to sleep in tell 8:30am! I was soooooo tired!

He wished me a happy birthday when I came out and then told me that he was sorry that he didn't have anything for me. *I figured it was only fair since I TOTALLY forgot his birthday this year* I was grateful for the chance to sleep in. And this made me happy.

Later this morning I went to run an errand and when I came back I was so hungry. I had realized that I had not had breakfast and proceeded to make myself a sandwich since it was almost 12 noon and I needed to take my coumadin medication and eat something too. Bryan came up to me and said not to eat to much, because he had a surprise. I was shocked.

He told me that Shelby was on her way over at 1pm to watch the kids and he was taking me out to a movie and lunch/dinner at Red Robin! I was excited, and very surprised. It being a Monday and Shelby off for the day from work to watch the kids. It is going to be so nice to get out just the two of us. *smiles*

So Shelby is on her way....and I will be spending time with my favorite guy on MY DAY!

Happy Birthday to me!

Oh, and I did get some birthday cards from family members *Bryan was hiding them from me when the mail came. I thought no one sent me birthday cards this year* and Bryan also got me a gift. Something he said that I really needed. A Back Scratcher!!! It is a very nice one! Now I can scratch my own back. LOL

Hope you all are having a great Monday!

p.s. Bug is still really sick. His poor little lips are chapped. *sad*

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Christensen family said...

Happy Happy Birthday Brenda! Sounds like Bryan had a great wonderful day planned for you! Enjoy! You deserve it!

Take care!!!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Happy birthday!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!!
I think being able to sleep in is the best gift ever!!!
Hope you enjoyed your movie and lunch. Such a nice treat.

Mikaela said...

Happy Birthday! That sounds like a great way to spend your day, and sleeping in?! That's the best gift a man can give a woman with a newborn!

Hope your little man gets feeling better soon.

jennbecc said...

Happy Birthday and hope you had a nice lunch and movie. Bryan is a good guy for going out of his way to arrange a nice surprise birthday treat for you. :)

Benita said...

Hey Hope you had a great birthday! It sounds like your husband made it very special, lucky you!

Colby family said...

happy belated birthday!
i am so glad your husband took you out on a fun date!!!

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