Monday, October 20, 2008

Corn Maze Craze!

The kids and I headed out to Greenbluff on Sunday after Sacrament meeting. I normally would not have gone to a Pumpkin Patch to spend money on a Sunday but my friend Alyson and her son planned the trip and every time I want to go to Siemer's Farm it is closed, so I decided we were going to go. But I had a hard time getting to the place by 1:30pm. I think it was more like 2:30pm when I finally found Alyson.

The traffic was awful. It felt like the whole city of Spokane was out in Greenbluff to get pumpkins, and the roads are so tiny out there, and parking is so limited. At one point I was stuck in a line of cars that were not moving, and Lady Bug decided to have a screaming fit because she was hungry! After listening to a screaming baby for 15 minutes in a car that can't move I was about to lose it. I finally managed to get out of the line of cars and decided to park at the farm down the road and walk. I was not sure if I would fine Alyson but I had promised Bug that we were going to the Pumpkin Patch and I figured he would have a meltdown if we didn't end up going, and since I drove all the way out there I might as well go in.

I loaded up the kids in the double stroller that my friend Susanna gave me. I LOVE this STROLLER!!!! It is perfect for the kids.

Here is a picture of the both of them sitting in the stroller.

I dressed Bug up in a Pumpkin outfit, and Bug in his Halloween T-Shirt for the day. They looked so cute.

Alyson actually found us when we walked up to the farm intrance. I was shocked that she found us. I was very releaved that she did because I knew that Bug would be upset not getting to see her son~ his buddy.

The boys had so much fun in the corn maze! Alyson enjoyed holding Lady Bug while we walked through the corn maze. Lady Bug kept giving me the eye as I was walking behind Alyson most of the time.

And then the boys got to go down the big slide.

The train ride was next on our list of things to do. Bug loved making silly faces.

Here is a family picture of me, Ladybug and Bug. I love this picture!

Lady Bug enjoying the train ride.

Here is a picture of the boys trowing bean bags in to the pig's mouth.

And right before we headed out to leave the boys got to bounce in the castle. Bug was so excited. He loves jumping!

3 jittering comments:

jennbecc said...

Cute pictures. Glad you made it after a rough trip! Looks like you got a haircut and color? Looking good mommy!

Grammy said...

I am sooooo glad that you did this and got out! You are much stronger than you you did this alone! Love and hug for a job well done and a fun day out!

Christensen family said...

What a fun day Brenda! You are such a great mom!!!

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