Sunday, October 05, 2008

Having a hard time...

Last night was really hard for me. I ended up calling my mother for some help dealing with Lady Bug and Bug. It had been 3-4 hours of crying on Lady Bug's part that I couldn't stand it any more. She would stop crying unless I was holding her. I couldn't make dinner, or get Bug ready for a bath with out holding her, and it was really hard to do all these things holding her, since she has a certain way she likes to be held.
It got to me and I called my mother to help me over the phone. I am glad that she was around to help me.
I am trying to figure out what I can do to help me in the evenings. Calling friends to see if they can come over for even just and hour to help me out for bedtime routines. Someone to hold Lady Bug while I get Bug ready for bed, would help me out greatly.

Ok, so that is the plan.

I am going to try and post some pictures of Lady Bug and Bug from the past few days.
And also try and work on a few other posts. We will see how much I can get done, since it is past 1pm on a Sunday and this is usually when Lady Bug starts getting worked up and lasts tell she passes out at 9pm. She is sleeping right now. Keeping my fingers crossed that it continues.

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Renee H said...

Have you tried a Snuggli? I used one for the first three months of #1's life. I could take him with me and have my hands free to cook (no oil) and chores (laundry esp). Give it a try. I might have mine still and you can borrow it. I'll have to see if the last person who borrowed gave it back. Let me know.

jennbecc said...

I wonder if a baby bjorn carrier would help? Or one like it?? I had to put Zack in it a few times to be able to get things done and still hold him. I was sooooo nice to have my hands free. I remember doing the dishes, cooking, and folding laundry with him in it a few times. Just a thought.

Grammy said...

Huge HUGS...we did it!

Andrea said...

the snuggli was a life saver for me. Put the baby in and go on with life. THey are happy and fall asleep and I can get things done.
bed time is hard alone. Hope you get help.

Sara Rose said...

hey if you would like I would love to come over for a little while to help! when dans intown I think we could work it out! I get how hard this is! two nearly killed me! LOL

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