Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am still alive...

I am still here....things are going much better in the home taking care of Lady Bug and Bug now that Bryan's returned to work.

There are some trying times and moments but all in all things are improving every day.
Thanks to my friend Alyson who came over sever evenings last week I am feeling pretty good now, and think I can make this work. She is going to come over a few more nights and then when I need her. It is nice to have her here to talk too, and her son plays with Bug, which is always good.

I have been taking pictures this week and will try and post some tomorrow.
I am heading to bed. Snuggle time with Lady Bug until Bryan comes home from work.

2 jittering comments:

Benita said...

Glad to see your update...and its good to know things are getting better. Oh How I loved those snuggle times...enjoy!

jennbecc said...

Glad things are better and that Alison is there for help and support. Love you!

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