Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Love Story Part 2

Read Part 1 HERE.

The next week I was down in San Bernardino California for two weeks of training with the company. We learned about optical assisting and the products that the company offered. We got a tour of the lab that made the lenses and I made some great friends. One of my really good friends Julie was hired at the same time and we got to be roomies. She had lived down in San Bernardino area and we got to stay with her family. It was fun to hang out with her.

When I got back home to Santa Rosa, CA and back to work I felt more confident in my ability to talk about the products. I was offered a full time position and started working in the store in Rohnert Park, CA by my self. It was on one of these days in late December 1994 when I got a phone call from a customer asking me if his glasses were in for pick up. He informed me that it had been about a month since he came in to pick them out and purchase them. I remember thinking it was odd that it had been over a month and no one called him about his glasses being ready. It usually only took a week at the most for the glasses to be made. I took his number and told him I would call him right back. I had several customers in the store and I was busy helping them at the moment. After I took care of all the customers I went to look for his glasses. His name sounded so familiar that I thought I had seen them recently. I did manage to find them, and called him back. He had given me his work number and I got his boss on the phone (Steve). I told him that Bryan’s glasses were in and he could come by when he got off work to pick them up, since we closed at 7pm.

At 6:00pm Bryan walked through the door. I had 2 other customers that I was helping and when I was done with them, I asked him if I could help him. He told me his name and that he had called about his glasses. I said, “Oh, Yes. I found them. They had been misfiled and that is why no one called you when they arrived in the store. Sorry about that.” We sat down at the sales desk and I pulled out the first pair of glasses from their case. I cleaned them and helped to place them on his face so that I could take some measurements on were the nose pads and arms of the frames were sitting on his face so that I could make some adjustments to help them fit better. Bryan looked up at me as I did this and smiled. I remember feeling relaxed by his smile and continued to adjust his frames. We talked while I worked on the frames. I asked him how his holidays were going, and we had a good conversation. I felt so relaxed talking to him. I think I even ended up telling him that I lived really close to him, since I knew his address because we got it in our database when he bought the glasses. I also was able to upgrade his frames with a damage plan. He just seemed so happy to be buying the glasses. He left that night and I felt happy.
I called my friend Julie that night and told her about him. I told her, he was so nice, and that I thought he was cute. She told me to call him back and ask him out. I was to shy to do that. I figured I would never see him again. I was happy though and glad that I had met him.

To be continued....

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jennbecc said...

awww....still sweet.

Renee' Pendergrass said...

This is so much fun to hear. Can't wait for the rest!

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