Thursday, October 16, 2008

Potty Training- OFFICIALLY

Well, I have finally jumped onto the band wagon! I am a potty training MOM!

Bug is very interested and we have been successful so far. I think it was on Monday of this week when he came up to me and told me he had gone #2. I was so excited! Not that he had gone #2 but that he had come and told me he had. You have to understand something about Bug, he does not like to have his diaper changed, and when I realize he has gone #2 or just needs a regular diaper change he screams "NO!" and runs away from me. It has been a challenge to catch him when he does this. I ususally have to resort to threating him with a Time Out, which then I hear another "NO!" and he will come to me. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

So, back to his announcement to me on Monday.... "I went poopoo!" I was shocked! I checked and yes he had. I praised him for telling me, since this is such a huge step for him. I then asked him to go get me a diaper. He went and got one, no complaining, nothing! Wow! I almost fell dead on the floor.

Later that day he started to undress himself and kept saying he wanted to be naked. He was watching some Nickalodian cartoon were this kid jumped into a swimming pool and his swim trunks fell off and he was naked, and embarrassed. Bug thought it was funny and wanted to jump into a pool so his clothes would come off too. I took this opportunity to suggest he get to wear his Big Kid underwear and nothing else. He thought it was a great idea. So that is what we did. I put on the timer and he would use the potty and get a sticker, or a stamp each time he went and tried to go. If he went #1 he would get 2 stickers, and I offered if he went #2 he would get three. I kept it light and fun, and no pressure.

The next day we were home in the afternoon so I told him we could do Potty Time again! He was excited. I had rented a few Potty Training Videos at the library, and found this one called Potty Power! It has been amazing. He loves to watch it and it explains what he needs to do so that he understands it. I am going to buy a copy so I have one here for Lady Bug.

To help prepair for the afternoon, I made a Potty Chart for Bug to stick his stickers on it. I told him once he has 30 Stickers he could go to the ice cream store. We also went into the bathroom and decorated his potty with some stickers, to personalize it, and make it special. And lastly Bug drew a picture to hang on the wall near his potty so that he could look at it.

Here are some pictures.

5 jittering comments:

Renee' Pendergrass said...

I am so scared to PT Dom. I need to though. I love your sticker chart!
I think that I need to get a small potty for Dom. He may be more interested if he had his own chair. Right now we just have a potty seat on the big toilet.
Good luck!

Sara Rose said...

Yeah!!!! Aliya is almost perfect!!! (after three weeks!!) remember nobody goes off to college in diapers!!!

Mikaela said...

yay! yay! yay! that is just awesome news...i hope he keeps up the good work!

Becky said...

OH- I hope it works!!! I have had such a terrible time potty training my kids. It sounds like you have a good plan- let me know how it works out!! I like your ideas.

jennbecc said...

Fingers crossed that this goes quickly and smoothly because if it does, I'll be looking to you for some major help and advise! I guess I should look into that video too but I still have time. Good luck and way to go Bug!

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