Friday, November 14, 2008

Milestones and OMGosh!

Several funny things have happened in our household the past few weeks. Also some milestones that Lady Bug has reached.

Lady Bug's milestones have been:

1. sleeping in her crib for over a week

2. blowing raspberries, and sticking her tongue out.
3. sitting up in her bumbo seat.

4. rocking from side to side while laying on her back.

5. Holding a bottle....somewhat.

Things that Bug has been doing:
1. started pre-school. Montessori, goes 3 days a week for 2 1/2 hours.

2. washing his own hands.

3. getting dressed by himself.

4. getting undressed by himself.

5. singing songs in the car. Favorite one right now is "NO!" by They Might Be Giants".

6. finding him undressed down stairs several times a day. Uggggg!

In fact the undressing has become an obsession for him lately. I have two funny stories to share.

Early this week, I woke up to find all the lights on in the house, and Bug running around the living room with only his Incredible Hulk underwear on and his Spiderman Shoes. He ran over to me with his jacket saying, "I need to go to the swimming pool." I could not contain my laughter. You see he had been in his jammies and a pull-up when he went to bed, but he managed to get that all off and those Hulk underwear on and shoes all by himself. Granted the Hulk underwear were on backwards, but the shoes were on the correct feet. LOL

Also, another embarrassing thing he did was at church on Sunday. We were sitting in the pews listening to the speakers. Bug was playing with his toys nice and quite. A couple minutes later I hear Bryan say, "Oh, NO! No Bug! We don't do that at church." I turned to see Bug had pulled his pants and pull-ups almost down to his ankles, and he was standing there. It was really hard to contain my laughter. I almost had to leave the chapel on that one.

3 jittering comments:

Grammy said...

LB is just to dang cute! Gonna give you many years of giggles...that one is! Wait! She will be a teenager one day! Ha! On second thought...

Andrea said...

hilarious that he did that at church. haha.
And so cool he's in montessori playschool. I'd love to put my girls in that but so expensive and far away from my house. sigh.

Becky said...

Lillian has been trying to undress herself at odd times too! If I don't have a pretty tight pair of pants on her or a onesie- she will be inevitably be naked when I go to get her from her crib after her nap. I remember Marcus doing that as well at age 3. He would run outside sometimes- embarrasing the heck out of me! I love the church story- how funny!

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