Saturday, November 08, 2008

Picture MeMe

I have been tagged by my blogging friend Kristen at Snips Snails and Pigtails and it is a fun one!

It is a Picture MeMe!

It was when Bug and I drove to the west side of the state (Washington) with my friend Alyson and her son back in March of this year. We took the kids to the Zoo. It was loads of fun, and we saw tons of different animals.

So anyhow, here are the rules for this Picture MeMe:
* Go to your sixth Picture Folder then pick your sixth picture.
* Hope that you remember the details and write a post about your tag/photo.
* Tag 6 others…

I tag: (In no particular order)
Life as I know it.
2 years old... Busy, busy, little bee.
Fifty sticky fingers, Fifty sticky toes.
Tater & Tot March
The Sweetest Days
A Little Bit of Us.
And one more..... I know this will be 7!
Becky Wilson and Family.

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