Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Day 13

I am thankful for adoption.

4 years ago we moved into our 3 bedroom home. It felt huge to me after living in apartments. I had wanted to be a mommy so bad. I felt like my life was missing something so very importantthat it became an obsession to me to have a child, and I would cry myself to sleep many a night. Everytime I heard about another person who was pregnant my heart died a little bit more. I felt like an empty shell of a person.

A fellow church friend kept talking to me about Foster Care. I was not keen on the idea but the thought would not leave my mind. I prayed about it and came to the conclusion after several days that all I really wanted was to care for a child. I had been waiting for 2 years to adopt through my church adoption agency and it just didn't feel like it was going to happen. I realized that with Foster Care that the child would probably not stay, but I had to experience taking care of a child. So I talked to Bryan about it and he was willing to give it a try. We did all of our requirements and were licensed to be a Foster to Adopt Home in February 2005.

Thirty days later we got a call about Bug. He was only 10 days old, and at the NICU. When I saw him that first time in the little hospital bed, my heart jumped out of my chest. I remember thinking, "There is MY son! I have been looking for you for so long." I was surprised just how quickly I bonded to this little baby.

Over the next 20 months we had many ups and downs, and it was an emotional roller coaster that just seemed to never stop. But through it all, the experience taught me to let go of what I could not control. Also, I had to trust in what Heavenly Father had revealed to me that first day I met Bug. I held onto that memory with all my heart.

I love adoption. It is the most rewarding experience. You give your love to a child who is not physically part of you, but completes you. The child is always wanted, longed for, and loved. The child benefits from the unconditional love. It is a win win situation.

I know that adoption is not for everyone. But I would have to say, it was definetly for me and Bryan. And I think Heavenly Father placed it on my heart years before I met Bryan, as well as when we first started trying to get pregnant and I had a feeling it was not going to work as easily as we both might have thought. Adoption was the plan for me, and I am thankful for it.

Two years ago TODAY we adopted BUG! I can't believe it has been 2 years!

Here are a few pictures from that day that my friend MaryRuth took!

This was the 3rd best day of my life!

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Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

What a wonderful story, and such a blessed little boy to have you!

jennbecc said...

Happy Adoption Anniversary! So what was #1 and #2? :)

Renee' Pendergrass said...

I feel your every word! LOL, we have the same pose pictures from our adoption.
It took me a while to accept that I was not getting pg any time soon. Thanks to you and Bryan, we have Dominic. And look, you got the best of both worlds. Adoption and pg.
Congratulations. We hit our 2 yr adoption mark on oct 11th!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

What a sweet story! It is so good of you to open up your heart and home to a little one who needs you so much.

Andrea said...

Awesome. I'm all for adoption too. So thankful for it. My mom, aunt, sister, and two nephews are all adopted and I can't imagine not having them in our fam. It's all meant to be.

MaryRuth said...

Your adoption day was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life... .it really was... I knew how badly you and Bryan had wanted a child and this day was the day that all your dreams had come true.

It's hard to explain but I was so overcome with emotion that day and was so grateful you allowed me to be apart of it. I'll never forget how happy I was standing in the courtroom and watching you promise to love and provide for this child.

And I'm so happy the judge let me stand at the front of the room taking pictures.

Happy anniversary of your adoption!

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