Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankful Day 24

I am thankful for Bug's Sunday school teachers.

Bug actually has had the opportunity to go into the Sunbeam class early. The change over usually happens the first Sunday in January, but the leaders in the Primary felt that Bug would benefit with the change sooner than later. So yesterday was Bug's first day in the Sunbeam class. (kids that are 3 turning 4)

I had to stay for Junior Primary's Sharing Time (the group lesson for the 4-7 year old), but he went into his classroom all by himself. I hope that next week he can do it all by himself. He was a typical 3 year old in the fact that he had a hard time sitting still, and he did run around the room one time. I was embarrassed but the teachers said it was OK, and that it was normal. I know this but it was still hard to watch him misbehaving. I guess I just wish he was more reserved, but this is NOT Bug. He is very active. He did really well considering. Music time was fun for him, and the kids are working on a song to sing during church in December called "Stars Were Gleaming". It was cute to watch the kids practicing. I plan on working on this song with Bug so that when he goes up to sing with the other kids he will know the song. Not sure if he will really sing, since it will be his first time up in front of the congrigation, but it will not hurt.

So I am thankful for the teachers in Primary. They were patient with my little boy. They helped me to not worry about him, and were excited to have him join their class early.

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Andrea said...

that's awesome. yea for primary.

jennbecc said...

Cool! Glad he did well. :)

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