Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas this year was a lot of fun. Bug was so excited about the idea of Santa Claus. We spent the better part of the Christmas Eve day getting ready for Christmas morning.

We finished decorating the Christmas tree. * I know, I know, I had my hands full with the kids that I just never got to it, and the fact that I would have to remind Bug not to touch the ornaments just didn't sound like a lot of fun. I feel like I am yelling at him a lot lately, and I just didn't want to have to yell at him about leaving the ornaments alone.
I also got domestic and made some sugar cookies with my Christmas Cookie Cutters. We had candy canes, gingerbread men, Santa, angles, Christmas trees, stockings, sleighs, and stars. Bug enjoyed decorating them with Daddy. The sprinkles were a huge success, and a great motivator to participate.
Bug picked out his favorite cookie (An Angle) and placed it on a plate for Santa Claus. He also got some carrot slivers for his reindeer. I had my step dad call on Christmas Eve to pretend to be Santa. It has been a while since he had talked to Grandpa T. on the phone so I thought it would work out. And it was perfect! Grandpa was the best Santa EVER! Bug was so excited when he got off the phone and ran to his bedroom to go to bed.

Christmas Morning we managed to sleep in tell 6:20am! Now that is late for me, because Bug usually wants to get up at 5am. Bug was so cute when he came up to me and whispered, "Can we go see if Santa came?" He was just so excited. It was priceless to see the expression on his face when all that was left of his cookie was crumbs. He thought it was so cool. I had so much fun making the MAGIC this year. I felt like a kid again! It has been a long time since Christmas has really been this much fun.

Bug got his Pink Digital Camera, but unfortunately, it does not work. It was really cheap, so it was to be expected. Bryan bought a different digital camera on line and it should come in the mail. Bug seemed so sad when the Pink Digital Camera would not work. But he seemed excited when Bryan was looking for another one.

Lady Bug had a great day too. She did have the look of confusion when she first woke up. Bug was so excited to help her open her presents. *unfortunately now Bug thinks that the presents are his since he opened them. *

My friend Alyson and her son came over in the afternoon. Her husband worked tell 3pm but he was able to stop by and visit on his breaks since he was driving the bus route near our home. Bug and Alyson's son had a blast playing the game Hullabaloo. It was so much fun that Alyson and I just had to join in!

Alyson got Lady Bug a present! I love how Lady Bug just loves people now. She really likes Alyson since she has seen her several times. Alyson is so good with Lady Bug, and because of that, she smiles all the time.

The rest of the day was quite and relaxing to some extent. It was a VERY good Christmas. Not tons and tons of stuff. Just the right amount! It was perfect!

Bug did ask me why we give presents, and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to remind him that Christmas is really us celebrating Jesus Christ's Birthday. And that we give gifts to each other to express how much we love one another. As he gets older we will have to go more into detail about the true meaning of Christmas, and not so much the Santa Claus stuff, but until he loses the Magic I am going to enjoy the excitement.
Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!

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Glad you guys had a great Christmas!

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