Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Decorating for Christmas is always fun and a challenge with children. Bug is at the stage where he wants to help but doesn't quite get the hang of what I am trying to do. I did get him to help me clean the windows so that we could hang up our Christmas Window Clings. He enjoyed the busy work. I didn't take any pictures of us working but here are a few pictures of what we came up with this year.

Santa Baby!

*Special note: This Santa hat I always put on my cat Carona each year and would take pictures of her. Since she passed away in April of 2005 I have not had the joy of seeing how funny she looks each Christmas time until now. Thanks Lady Bug for bringing a smile back to my face, with the Santa HAT!

Stockings will hang on the NOEL. I had bought these stocking hangers several years back and never got to use them until this year! Yay! But we are not going to put the stockings on them until Christmas morning....since a little guy might think it is un to pull on them and have a heavy metal letter fall on him. OUCH! Don't want to see that.

Our Christmas tree before all the ornaments got put on. Bug has enjoyed playing with the plush Nativity that Oma made for our family before the kids were born. I am hoping that we will not lose The Baby Jesus like we did a few years back.

I am hoping to go through my Christmas boxes (2 big ones) and condense them down to only 1 box. We have so many stuff that we don't put out and if we move I don't want to be moving stuff I don't use. Plus, it feels so good to purge stuff. I always feel lighter.

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Anonymous said...

Things are looking beautiful and Lady bug is a hoot n her hat. Glad it can bring a smile to you. i know you have had some hard times. It really looks like things are getting back to normal.

Andrea said...

I did that last year- 3 boxes down to 1. Love it!! Makes decorating so easy when there's not much and you know where it all goes and is all used.
Have fun!!
Looks good.

Allison said...

I too love decorating for Christmas! We are getting our tree this weekend! Can't wait!!

You have a beautiful family! Thanks for visiting the princesses!!

jennbecc said...

Everything looks nice! We'll decorate after we get back from DL. Glad the hat has a new owner. :) You should post pictures of Corona in it. I might have the pictures here that I can scan. *L*

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