Saturday, December 20, 2008

Need to get those presents wrapped.

With all the snow that we got the past few days have become a blur. I have been trying to keep the kids entertained while being cooped up inside. On top of that, Bug has yet another really bad cold that has moved to his lungs. It has been difficult keeping him from whinning. The whinnie Bug's are in full force in our home. Can't really blame him but it is getting old.

I am excited that Christmas is almost here! I have all my shopping done (thankfully before the snow hit) and all I have to do now is wrap the gifts. This has become a challange to do, since Bug is up all day, and most of the night with this cold. I am going to have to get creative with when I am going to wrap his gifts. I got him some GREAT presents. I really did some thinking about what he would like, and I am pretty sure I got some gifts that he will play with more than just the morning of Christmas Day.

I did manage to find the PINK digital Camera that he told Santa Claus about. It was from Walmart. I went to all three of the Walmarts in our area, and found it at the 3rd one. Thankfully!!! I can't wait tell he opens it up on Christmas. He is going to be very excited, and then maybe he will LEAVE my camera alone!!!!!!!!!

I also got him a game called Halubalo. It is a very active game so I am hoping this will help to get some of the squirmies out during the winter. And I also was able to find some walkie talkies. He has been using the two baby monitors as walkie talkies so I am hoping that having his own will help him to leave the monitor's alone. And I or Bryan can talk into them with him. FUN!

It will be a fun Christmas Morning!

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Christensen family said...

My kids love playing with Hullabaloo! I'm sure he will really enjoy it! Way to go on being ready for Christmas! I hear we have another round of snow coming through...I don't know about this!

jennbecc said...

I still have to wrap gifts too....ugh. That's my least favorite part. Those walkie talkies sound fun and I can't wait to see the pictures Bug takes. You'll have to post them. :)

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