Saturday, January 31, 2009

Very Sick house!-UPDATE!

I am still alive. Barely. Have two very sick kiddos. Throwing up! No fun!
This is why I have not had a moment to post. I was told by the kids pediatrition that Bryan and I will probably get it too, so if I don't post in a while you will know why.

Sunday February 1
Yep, I Got this bug!!! WOW! I had to call Bryan home from work yesterday to help me because Bug and I both were throwing up! I have not thrown up that MUCH in a long long time! Woah!
I am feeling a bit better this morning. Not perfect but better, and I am keeping water down and so is Bug! Lady Bug was throwing up only on Friday. She seems to be better but she still is pretty fussy, and her apitite has not returned completely. We are back to 2 oz bottles again and wanting to eat every 2 hours.

Bryan is now getting it. He says he is just feeling yucky but that he will not throw up. Says he doesn't throw up. We will see ;). I would not wish this sickness on my worse enemy. It is BAD!!!

Now my house smells! :( I wish that I could open up some windows to get some fresh air inside but it is soooooo cold out side.

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Colby family said...

even the baby is throwing up? oh, not very fun at all.
i hope you and bryan don't get sick!
glad i didn't take the boys to the dr. last week, we might have caught your bug!
thankfully we only have a cold/sinus going through our house at the moment.
actually, i have 2 ear infections...yuck!

Renee' P said...

So sorry that your kids are sick. That's no fun at all! Dom had his first stomach flu this year. It was not fun.
I hope that you and Bryan don't get this, but if you do, I'm sorry. I will bring you medicine or soup if you need it.

jennbecc said...

This really seems to be going around but luckily we haven't been attacked yet. *Fingers Crossed!!* I've got a lot of friends dealing with it right now. I hope you guys are better soon...but from what I hear this one stays around a while! :( Love you!!

Renee' H said...

I had an stomach/intestinal bug a couple of weeks ago. The only person that caught it, so far, was my mother. She doesn't live with us, we just spend a lot of time together. It lasted me two days, but the exhaustion lasted about 2-3days after that. Be careful, some people are getting it again without enough rest. With two little ones, I know it's hard, but try.

Becky said...

So sorry you have been sick! The stomach flu is the pits. I got a really bad bug last October and it wiped me out for a long time. Hope you will feel stronger soon!

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