Saturday, February 07, 2009

Catching up

I am a live. I know I typed that already. But it is the only thing I know to type right now. It has been a difficult week for me. Not to go into too much detail, because it is personal stuff, I have not been quite myself. I am feeling a bit better today, and each day seems to be a little better.

The kids are doing great. Being kids.

Bryan will be graduating with his Master's in Public Administration the end of this month.

The snow is melting but it is still very cold here.

Have been looking at flower catalogs. I wish I was a gardner!

Went to my Family Home Evening Exchange Group yesterday and got some GREAT KITS! I love this group of ladies!

Have not had a chance to do couponing/shopping for over a week because of the flu and being sick. Hoping that will change this week.

Bug is attending Occupational Therapy again (new therapsyt) and I am hoping she can work on his Auditory Sensitivity. Lady Bug's crying is very hard on him. And this doesn't help me with the migrains I have been having~ two kids cring/screaming. I can only take Tylenol (which doesn't really do much) because of the Blood Thinner Medication I am currently on.

I should know more by March 10th when I go see my Hymotologyst about if I need to stay on the blood thinner medication or not.

Tried to volunteer at the monthly Donation Station (free clothes for Foster or Adoptive Families) by sorting clothes and helping with take down. Not very successful. Need to remember not to try to do to much.

Working on sleeping issues with the kids. Hoping to have some success soon. Everyone in the house if TIRED! Expecially ME!

Hope to have some pictures to post soon, and some videos.

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Anonymous said...

got your card you hang in there john

jennbecc said...

Love you! Glad things are looking up! :)

Renee' P said...

Im sorry o hear that you are having a hard week. Call me if you need to talk.
I feel you on the "TIRED" thing. I am exhausted w/these babies!
Dom is started OT,PT & ST.
Hang in there. Take it easy!


Grammy said...

So glad that you are 'busy' right now...some times it helps. Remember this...the days are getting longer!! *smiles*

Becky said...

Oh- Brenda - - I am sorry things have been rough! I completely understand kids and sleep problems. It is so hard to handle, and seriously, I am a terrible parent in the middle of the night when I am bone tired. Anyway, you are a wonderful mother and you will survive! I hope you feel better soon and that everyone gets better! I will be praying for you.

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