Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bad Blogger!

Yep that is me. Not my fault. Really!

I have just been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, and when I feel overwhelmed I tend to shut down. And I have shut down on blogging or reading other friends blogs or even getting on my computer to check my emails.

I need to get back on this thing. It is my way of vegging and allowing me to spend some time away from the demands on my life from time to time. I need to be recharged.

So I have the kids set up in front of the TV. I know bad, bad, but I need a much needed break before I tackle the laundry and try and make something edible for dinner. I need to clear my head.

I wanted to share a few really cute pictures of the kidos from the past several weeks.

Here a few pictures of Bug at the Pancake, PJ's and Primary activity on January 17th

Each Primary Class (Bug is a Sunbeam- 3 year olds turning 4 years old this year) sat at their own table and had pancakes, then got to go into their rooms to hang out and play with their teacher for the year.

He had a great time coloring.

Lady bug figuring out how to grab her toes. She sticks them in her mouth all the time. It makes it really difficult to put a diaper on her or get her dressed.
Lady Bug getting better at using that thumb.
She is all giggles when she wakes up from her naps and in the morning.
Lady Bug singing!!! Bug and I have been trying to learn the Monthly Primary songs and Lady Bug has been wanting to join in.
Bug in much need of a hair cut! We got it done last week, and he looks like a little boy again instead of a scruffy monster.
Lady Bug surprised!
Johnny Jump UP! She loves it! It really is still to big for her but she still seems to enjoy the swinging it does.
Now for the funniest pictures I have taken in a really long time. Bug will probably hate me when he grows up for doing this, but it was just too darn funny not to snap a few shots.
Tuesday morning I was greeted by Bug dressed in his snow suit. It was on backwards but he was so proud of himself. He kept asking over and over if he could go out side to play in the snow. I have not been wanting him to go out, because it is just so cold, and he takes off his gloves and then is all whinny when he comes in because his fingers hurt from the cold. But I gave in this morning. I told him that if he went and got some socks and shoes on himself then I would allow him to go out into the backyard for a bit. He was so excited and turned around to run and get his shoes and this is when I saw this!

I screamed out in laughter! I was not expecting him to be NAKED! He started laughing because I was laughing. He still wanted to go outside. I told him his bottom would be cold, but he didn't want the snow suit zipped up. After fighting with him for several minutes I agreed to allow him to go out side. I took the video camera and took a short video of him. He wanted to make "Snow Angles" and that was the last straw! LOL

I can't believe my kid!

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Becky said...

Hilarious!!! I love the snowsuit thing - - kids are so funny sometimes.

I am certainly not that great on keeping up with other's blogs ALL the time- it ebs and flows, mostly depending on how much Jon is home. So- don't feel bad for not keeping up! It'll come back to you . . .

Anyway, cute post!

Renee' P said...

Welcome back to blogging! Just joking.
That's funny what Bug did.
Lil plays w/her feet too and makes for difficult diaper changing. I feel ya there!

Mikaela said...

I cannot believe how big your sweet baby is getting! I love the age she's hitting with babies. They get so much more fun and expressive!

Okay, I am cracking up at your little man's snow suit! That is the funniest thing I've seen/heard in a wihle! Thanks for sharing that...and I can just see him doing snow angels! RFLMBO!

Andrea said...

hahaha. Thanks for the laugh. That's hilarious. I love that you let him experience these things. What a good mom. Just not worth the fight. and so worth the laughs. I'm glad you took a video. haha.
And great photos of ladybug. So cute.
Welcome back.

Stephani said...

LOL, that is way cute. That will be a photo treasure and cute story to share with his future wife. :)
And I love the picture of Lady Bug singing too, that is really cute. I love when they're at that age and just want to join in on every conversation and song with those cute little vocal cords. :)

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