Thursday, February 19, 2009

Double Date~Twilight

My friend Alyson and I got our husbands to go see the movie Twilight last night!

Bryan and I had a Date Night scheduled already when Alyson called me on Tuesday evening to ask if I wanted to go see Twilight with her the upcoming Wednesday night at the $1.00 (Garland) Theater. I told her that Bryan and I were already going out but if she could convince her husband to come along that I am sure Bryan would be interested in seeing the movie.

*Special note! My husband has read all 4 books! I have only read the first one (Twilight) and 1/2 of the second (New Moon). I thought he should see the movie so that he could compair the book to the movie and we could talk about it together.

Alyson called me back and said that her husband would go! So Bryan agreed as well.

I had a very busy day yesterday filled with things away from home. I don't know why all my stuff that I like and have to do falls on the same day of the week.

10:30am- 12pm Weekly Pre-School Playdate at friend Tami's Church Building. (More like 9:45am tell 1pm with all the driving to and back home) Wiped me out!!!

Tried to take a short nap, but it turned out more like just some quite time. Bryan worked late at his new part time job (Community Minded Enterprises ~CME) and was not able to come home before he had to go to his massage at 3:30pm-4:30pm.

When he got home at 4:45pm we tagged each other and I was off to an Activity Day Meeting from 5pm to 6pm. The girls were very energetic as usual, which is normal but exhausting to me. Cindee (the Activity Day Leader) and I were having a very difficult time keeping the girls (8-11 years old) focused to learn the song they will be singing and learning some chirography for the Father~Daughter Sock Hop in March. The girls were just to wound up! We got half way through what we wanted to accomplish, and it looks like we will have to have another meeting before the Sock Hop.

Right at 6pm I had to leave Cindee's home to get to my place before Shelby the babysitter arrived at 6:30pm and Bryan and I had to leave to meet up with Alyson and her husband. I got home t 6:15pm and ran in and got changed and everything ready for Shelby for the night.

Shelby arrived right on time and Bryan and I were off to go buy movie tickets for the movie before gabbing some Teriakii for dinner. The theater was packed but we got tickets ($1 each!) and then headed across the street for dinner. Had the yummest Teriaki chicken ever!!! YUM!

Alyson and her husband called us when they arrived and we headed into the theater. It was PACKED! I am glad we had bought the tickets before the crowed arrived.

It was a big theater and plenty of room for everyone but the seats were so short. I ended up not sitting next to Bryan! LOL In fact I sat next to Alyson during the movie. She sat next to her husband and Bryan sat next to Alyson's husband. So it was kind of like Bryan and Alyson's husband were on a Man DATE!!!! *giggles* It worked out fine. The reason I didn't sit next to Bryan was because the seats were so short and I could not see behind the guy sitting in front of me. His head was taking up the whole movie screen! (oh this brought back some fun memories with going to the movies with my friend Tricia when I made the comment once that I wanted to sit behind only oriental people because they were short and I could see the movie then. I know I was not politically correct and that it was really rude to make that statement, but I am short already and want to see the movie too. Tricia would joke with me all the time when we would go to a movie, and look around for short people to sit behind. Anyway...that is a whole different story)

We had a good time with our friends, and are planning on doing another double date very soon! Since both our husbands have Wednesdays off!
I think the movie "PUSH" is the next one we are planning on seeing.

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Renee' P said...

Grrrrrrrrroooooooowllllll! Edward is so yummy!
I want to see this again, minus the screaming the girls that ruined it for me the firs time.

Alyson said...

Don and I had a great time too. I think he even kind of liked the movie though of course he would never say that too loudly.

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