Thursday, February 19, 2009

Math Games!

Bug has been really into playing games lately. He is still pretty young still and has a difficult time understanding all the rules, but he is slowly getting the hang of some of Mommy and Daddy's Favorite games.

I enjoyed showing Bug how to play Dominos.

My sister and I played this game with our Grandma and Grandpa on my Dad's Side of the family. When we lived with them for a few months it was our family tradition to play a few games of Dominos while eating a small bowl of ice cream before heading to bed for the day. It is a very fun memory, and I am so excited to share this tradition with Bug! He is getting really good at this game.

Bryan also taught him a simple game of Pick Up Sticks. It is not like the real game, but helps Bug with his pincher grasps. You take the Pick Up Sticks and drop them like you would if you were going to play the game traditionaly, but instead of picking one at a time and trying not to move any of the sticks, you pick a color and then pick up those sticks as fast as you can. You can only use one hand to do it too. Bug seems to be favoring his left hand for this task. I still don't know if this kid is going to be Left or Right handed. He uses both. That is a whole nother post I could do on which hand he uses to do different tasks. Later time.

Here is some pictures and a short video of us playing Pick Up Sticks.

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Andrea said...

That's a great idea for the game. Fun.

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