Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 2009- Update

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Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my blogging friends. May you be showered with good luck this year!

Remember to wear GREEN or you are going to get pinched!!!

I plan on hosting a playgroup today with my church friends. Made some GREEN Jello and a Yummy Leprechaun Pie. We have games and crafts planned for the kids. I will post pictures later today.


No pictures...forgot to bring my camera.

It was a great party, even though Bug's behavior was ....well...how should I say this? Awful! He was good the first 45 minutes and then after that, he was hitting, and pushing, and being a bully. As the party progressed, it just got worse. He ened up biting Ladybug's fingers when she got to close to him when he was having a melt down.

I am exhausted from today. I feel like a failure of a mother, and as a person. I wish I understood why he behaves the way he does sometimes. I wish I could help him not be so mean. I wish that I could help him to be fun at playgroups.

I am embarrased by his behavior. I feel there is something causing this, but I can't seem to control it. I know he was hungry and that could have been part of the trouble today, but when I offered him the food that everyone brought all he wanted was a "push-up" icecream cone, which was not there. On the way to playgroup he asked me if he could have a Push-Up (still don't know how he knew what this was, because I don't think he has ever eatten one before???). I told him that he needed to be on his best behavior, and be nice to everyone at the party. Reminded him that he needed to keep his hands to himself, and listen to me. If he was good then he could have th Push-Up, but only then. He said, "OK".

How does he get from being nice to my friends to hit my friends, push other kids off the toy bikes, and then bite my sister's fingers and then I get some ice cream???


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Nikkei said...

Ianna loves her leprechaun puppet. It is so cute to hear her say "Leprechaun!"

Brunabug said...

So glad that Ianna loves her Lerechaun puppet. I am glad I was able to find it for all the kids to make. Glad you were able to make it.

Stephani said...

My 4 year old Levi is like that, I totally understand. I used to blame myself and my parenting skills, but then I look at my other 4 kids, and he is the only one of the brood who acts like that, so I've really come to realize it's a personality type. So it's not you either.
It makes it really hard for me to want to take him anywhere, because he shifts into that aggressive behavior just being around other kids. He does it to his siblings too, and some days it is so exhausting to keep up with him. I've been reading different books to try and know how to handle him right, some are helpful, others not. If you come across anything that works particularly well for Bug, will you pass it my way? Thanks. :)

rockcreekexit@comcast.net said...

You are a great mom!!! You are one of the best Iknow! I don't take as much time to teach my kids as you have with Bug! SO you need to remember that! Sometimes it is just who they are! They each come out with there own little thoughts and feelings! you also need to remember if he has aspergers or something like that he will need more patience and love! I know it is hard but you can do this!!! Bug was menat to be yours from the very begining! The Lord knew knew you would be the best one for him!! If you do need some extra time let me know! I would love to watch the kids for a night out or if you want to come over to talk! Either way let me know! once again, You are a great mom!!!!!

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