Friday, March 20, 2009

Trying different activities

I have been trying to find a new activity for Bug to do to help with excersise and social skills at the same time. The following traditional activities have crossed my mind: Soccer, baseball, gymnastics, and so on. But I keep finding myself having a hard time getting into the classes before they are full or closed tell a new session starts.

A few non-traditional activities presented them selves to me this past week.

I would like to share how they both turned out.

Remember when Bug attended the Super Hero Party last Saturday? The Northeast Youth Center was the agency who put on this party. I received some pictures from the party and a link to their wed site. This is where I found a Tae Kwon Do class for all ages. I called the number listed on the web site and spoke with one of the staff. She informed me that the cost was only 2 cans of food a month. That is right, 2 cans of food per month to be able to attend Tae Kwon Do classes twice a week. I was shocked.

So Wednesday came and I informed Bryan that he would be taking Bug to his first Tae Kwon Do class. He was excited about doing this with Bug. We got Bug dressed in his Gi and I managed to take a few pictures of him before he headed to class.

When they arrived the instructor came up to them to welcome and introduce himself. Some of the other younger kids were coming up to him to say hi. But Bug was the youngest in the class by several years. And this became the reason why after 45 minutes they had to leave. Bug did great during the warm up. He was trying so hard to do the excersies. Bryan was very proud of him. But 45 minutes was all he could give....and then he began to be disruptive. And they had to leave. The instructor did come over to them as they were heading out and said, he was proud of him and all his hard work. And to bring him back when he was a bit older. He could tell Bug really was interested in it.
So I am on the look out for a class that is probably more for his age group. I have found a few, but have decided to wait a bit base on the other non-traditional activity I found this week.

It is pre-school yoga! I came across Spokane Youth Yoga while looking at the Kid's Directory cataloge. The ad said the instructor teaches kids with Learning and Developmental Disabilities. I called Amy the instructor and explained my situation. She said she had worked with several children with Autisum...and other issues. So I felt good about giving this activity a try. Bug attended his first Yoga class this past Thursday. It is a drop off class, and I was a bit worried, but excited to see how he would do. The class was very small, only 5 kids. The classes are held in her home. She has converted her main floor into a yoga studio. It was fun to watch the kids each get their yoga mats, and sit down. Bug was eager to follow along. He gave me a big hug and kiss when I headed out and when I arrived back he was excited to see me. The teacher said he did GREAT. He listened and respected the rules and he was ingaged the whole class. The yoga poses that he learned were, butterfly, crab, elephant, and dinosour. It looks like they had reading time as well as they got to do a group coloring project. I am happy that this class is working for him, and went a head and signed him up for the last two classes for the current session. The new 12 week session starts the second week of April and I will decide when that gets closer if this is the right thing for him. I think it is, but I need to try and stay grounded. I don't want to jump a head to much.

I plan on checking into a private swim class for him too. Cost is a huge issue, but I think private- one on one lessons to start off with will be better for him tell I am sure he can atleast respect the pool area. Right now he is CRAZY child when we get near water. I fear for him...and I can't get him to understand how dangerous water can be if you are not careful.

So that is the update on Activities.
Bug is scheduled for several medical appointments in the next several months. From getting his tubes taken out, to seeing an alergy specialist and seeing a developmental phycologyst. I wish all of them were happening sooner then they each are. But doctors are busy and we are getting in as quickly as we can.
I am hoping that these appointments will help him out in the areas he is struggling with socially, as well as his health.
We will see.
Oh lastly I wanted to share a short video that Bryan took of Bug at the Tae Kwon Do class. I thought it was just so Bug. He is trying so hard to do what everyone else is. I think his head is spinning more than his waiste. LOL.

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Stephani said...

Wow,I'm so glad you post the things you find, these are some awesome ideas! I hope you find something that works well for you and Bug, he sure is cute in his little Gi. :)

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