Monday, March 02, 2009

Ladybug is such a trooper.

I can't believe my baby (Ladybug) just had the chicken pox. She being only 6 months old and she did so well with them. She got uncomfortable last Thursday but after getting the Calamine Lotion and dabbing that stuff on her she seemed to improve.

I am so grateful for one of the girls from Activity Days and her Mom watching Ladybug so that we could still have Bug's birthday party. It was such a help.

When I went to pick Ladybug up the Mom told me that she had to leave Ladybug in her car seat and leave the room because she could tell she was very tired (12 noon) and rocking her was not helping at all. She felt bad about having her cry it out but I said what ever she needed to do to help Ladybug sleep was fine for me. I guess 5 minutes of crying wore her out and she took a 40 minute nap. I am surprised she fell asleep because she seems to have become attached to her crib for naps and bedtime. I didn't really think she would sleep at all for them.

Yesterday, Bryan noticed that Ladybug got her first tooth! Lower left side. So on top of having the chicken pox last week she was working on tooth too. So she probably was crying and being extra fussy for the babysitters on Saturday because of this factor.

I have yet to see the tooth clearly, but I have had the opportunity to feel it's sharp edge when I placed my pinkie inside to rub. She keeps sticking her tongue out when I try to see it. LOL

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jennbecc said...

Poor LB! Can't wait to see pictures of her little tooth though! :)

Andrea said...

wow- she's one tough cookie.

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