Friday, March 13, 2009

Milestones continue

My Labybug continues to amaze me with all the things she can do. I know that most of the things she is doing is completely normal, but you have to realize that my first child was adopted, and unfortunately had some developmental delays. I feel like she is growing up so quickly. NOT that I don't want her too, it is just that I am NOT physically ready to get my home truly Ladybug proof.
Things she is doing now...
1. Getting up on her knees all the time! And also sticking her bottom up in the air and up on her toes. She gets very angry while in this position because she would rather be crawling all over the place, and yet she is stuck in the one position.

2. She got two teeth the week after coming down with the chicken pox.

3. She is working on sitting up on her own now too.

4. She also likes to arch her back. "Doesn't that hurt your head?"

5. She has officially moved to the big tub, even though she is not sitting up on her own yet. She is just to long for the infant tub. It has made washing her difficult, and I keep asking myself how I did this when Bug was finally in the big tub, but I can't remember how I managed to hold him and keep him safe and clean him. I think it was because he was sitting up better by that time when he transitioned into the big tub.

She continues to TALK all the time...babble, babble really loud! And blowing raspberries while eating dinner is her favorite. Look out! I think I have more baby food stains on my shirts than formula stains.

3 jittering comments:

Andrea said...

love the arching the back thing. That's so funny. Maybe she'll be a gymnast?

Renee' P said...

You could lay her down in the tub w/just a little bit of water. That way you don't have to hold her the whole time.
I knew she'd start sitting up soon! Hurray!
She sure is growing up fast.

April said...

Gosh she is growing so fast!

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