Friday, April 10, 2009

Bird or Squirrel feeders?

Well we thought we were making Peanut Butter Bird Feeders but the local Squirrel family has visited them more than any of the birds.

I have had these pine cones for years and with us moving I am trying to declutter so I thought we would finally use them to make the famous Peanut Butter Bird Feeders that I always seem to read about in the parent magazines each spring. We got the big tub of peanut butter and some really smelly bird seeds and started our adventure into trying to put peanut butter on pine cones. I poked my fingers so many times they began to bleed a little. OUCH!

We made a total of 6 pine cone bird feeders and hung them outside. We had no visitors right away. But right before bath time I looked out the window into the back yard and saw a Squirrel running across the back yard. He scampered up the tree and headed straight too one of the feeders. He hung up side down and pulled the string up to get a hold of the pine cone. He was very good at balancing.

The amazing part, or maybe it is more FREAKY than amazing really, was the fact that I came out side to take some pictures and he was not scared of me being so close. Another squirrel came running past my feet about 6 feet away and ran up the tree as well. I got to thinking I had better be careful that they didn't attack me.

As of today we only have 1 bird feeder still in the tree, with a little peanut butter left. 5 pine cones are on the grown, and the birds are enjoying the seeds that have been scattered across the grass. Picture squirrels in the trees eating from the feeders and the birds on the ground scrounging for seeds.

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I HATE SQUIRREL'S!!!! They are everywhere in spokane!!! They make me crazy!! I love the birds but the squirrels are little theifs!

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