Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cow Boy!

Just been really busy with getting our house ready to sell, and also planning our family vacation. I have had a few breaks here and there and managed to get this really funny video of Bug playing dress up.

I will have more videos to share in the next few days, and some cute posts of Ladybug.

Here is hoping I have some time after the kiddos head to bed. But I might just watch CSI:NY instead. We will see. LOL!

3 jittering comments:

Andrea said...

That's so cute and hilarious.
It looks like so much fun at your house. I want to come play!

Colby family said...

are you guys moving? wait...what is going on?

jennbecc said...

That YeeHaw! at the end CRACKED ME UP! So funny! :)

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