Saturday, April 04, 2009

Kind of in a slump

I have been kind of in a slump the past week. So that is why no posts.
Even though exciting things have been going on here in my busy world.

Lady bug is crawling really good now, getting into tons of stuff. Bug is learning to pick up his toys he doesn't want her to get into.

I have been busy trying to deal properly with my son. He has been having a very difficult time lately with his peers and not listening to his teacher/adults. He has lashed out at several children at church, and he continues to have meltdowns several times through the day. It has been exhausting to deal with. I have been keeping a daily journal of his behavior and what things we have been doing through the day and what he has eaten to see if I can see some type of pattern. But I don't see anything yet. I think part of it is he is dealing with Ladybug getting a ton of attention lately because she is getting into his stuff. I think the other part is he has turned 4 years old and he has more demands on himself. He is no longer the baby and I expect him to do a lot more than a year ago. I need him to do a lot more for himself than a year ago. This has been difficult for him, and as a result it has been hard on me.

Bug has been missing Daddy a lot the past few weeks, and asks where he is all the time, even though he knows he is at work. When I remind him that Daddy is at work, Bug starts to cry and says in his really good whinnie voice, "I want Daddy to be home!" There is nothing I can do, yet I feel like I can't just ignore his sadness. But it really is getting old.

Since this post is turning gloomier by the second I will just add that I have had a sore throat since Monday morning. I think Ladybug has it now, and Bug has a runny nose. So we all don't feel so great.

On to some happy stuff.
Ladybug went to the dentist for the first time on Wednesday. She had a blast! She did so good sitting on my lap while Dr. Bruce looked at her two little teeth. They gave her a toothbrush and she loves it. Chews on it while I am drying her off after bath time.

Bug and Ladybug went to an Easter Egg Hunt that the MOMS Club I belong too had on Friday. I was helping my friend Alyson coordinate the party. I feel like I didn't do much. I ended up watching another MOMS Club friends kiddos while Alyson worked on getting things set up. There was a slight glitch with getting the location we were having it opened up for set up. Several of the Moms stepped up and helped out. Despite the delay setting up it was a HUGE success! There were tons of eggs and prizes. Unfortunately Bug was very scared this year. I just don't know what is going on with him. He cried and clung to me with the death grip. He kept saying he was afraid of the Easter Beagle. He has gone Easter Egg hunting every year, but this year he is just scared by the whole thing. Noise, excitement of the children, me having to deal with Ladybug and the other children, a location he has never been in before? There is so many strange reasons that I can't seem to pin point it. I am hoping he will be fine when I take him next weekend for the Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt I have paid for. I am worried he will be scared and freak on me again. Alyson said she would help me out with Ladybug so I can give Bug some one on one attention.

On a good note about Bug I had him evaluated by a Homeschooling licenser and she said he knows all his Dolch Sight Words, up to 3rd GRADE! He has not even started Kindergarten!
She has recommended a few books to use and I am working on setting up a lesson schedule to try and sit down on a regular basis to have official Homeschooling.

I can't help but keep wishing that he was not having such a difficult time playing nicely with his peers and behaving for his church teachers. It just upsets me so much, and make it very difficult to remember the GREAT things he is doing.

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Andrea said...

Wow- that's great he's reading so well.
Sorry he's not doing so good with others and being scared. My girl seems to be a lot clingier and scared of things. It's getting better. You just never know what's going on in their little heads.
How did you get to take her to the dentist? I tried with my 3 yr old and they said not until they are 5. what?? anyway... hope things improve and you all feel better very soon.

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