Sunday, April 05, 2009

Modern Technology

I love modern technology ... well most of the time I do.
I am watching General Conference on the BYU Channel on my computer!
They have it live! Or you can watch past recordings. I have been watching the talks from Saturday Morning! LoVe It!!!!

We don't have to pay for Dish Network and then deal with the weather knocking our dish out of alinement! Like it has done in the past. I am just so excited.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT SUNDAY! It is Sunny here today so this afternoon I will be heading out with the kids to enjoy the SUN!

Park! Here we come!!!!

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Stephani said...

We do that too, it is so nice to be able to just watch it from home on the computer. We wouldn't get anything out of the talks if the only way to hear them was to take our whole gang to the church building! :)

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