Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vacation Full Day 1

We had a very interesting night sleeping. Very small hotel, and a very nosie one at that. I ended up sleeping on the floor! LOL! Bryan wiggled way to much for me to get much sleep. Ladybug kept kicking in her playpen, and Bug kept kicking the air conditioner he was sleeping near. It was not a restful sleep for me.
But dispite that we all woke up bright and early. Bryan took the kids to the Hot Continental Breakfast the hotel offers and I got to get dressed in peace and quite. NICE! Then I joined them. I was relaxed and happy.
Then we headed over to Target to buy a few needed items and then headed to Bryan's parents apartment. The kids got some cute Easter stuff from Oma and Ompa and they played around a bit tell it was time to head out to Oak Meadow Park. We met up with one of my sister in laws and her kids. It was a very cute park.
Then back to Oma and Ompa's apartment for lunch and more jumping on Oma's mini trampaline. And we got to start watching Horton Hears a Who? Bug was happy.
Then we went back to our hotel so Ladybug could take a nap. Bryan took Bug out to the swimming pool and they had a blast. Ladybug got a short nap before we had to head out to meet up with the rest of the family at a place called the JUNGLE. It is a kid play/eat place. FUN! Bug had a blast. He had a difficult time climbing but he had fun. Lost our socks because of all the fun he had. :)
In the mean time of all this going on we got a call from our realator back home and she informed us that we got an offer on the house! 2 days on the market and we got an offer! Bryan has been working on getting a counter offer filled out and faxed to our realator.
Keeping our fingers crossed that it will be excepted. Exciting if we sell the house while on vacation, but a bit over whelming too. I need to seriously start looking for a rental!
It is a late night. Heading to bed. Kids are snoozing away!

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