Friday, April 24, 2009

Vacation Full Day 2

We woke up bright and early thanks to Ladybug needing a bottle at 5am! She kicked and kicked in her pack and play that she woke up Bug and Bryan. They headed out to get breakfast in the lobby, and then she fell back to sleep tell 6am. I got to shower and dress and pack up items for our fun filled day.

At 8am Bryan took Bug with him to his parents apartment to use the fax machine to send to our realator to do our counter offer for the house by 12noon today. Ladybug was tired and needed to go down for her nap but she fought it. After hearing her fuss for about a half hour I finally just took her for a walk through the motel and then at 10am we went into the lobby for an early lunch. They had a high chair and she enjoyed eating and looking at people. Everyone thinks she is JUST too cute! What is it about strangers and them thinking your baby is cute? They stare at them with this goofy grin on their faces and seem like they can't stop looking. Ladybug just stares back at them with her big blue eyes, and she reminds me of a deer in headlights. It cracks me up.

Bryan came back to the hotel with lunch. After eating it up quickly we all headed out to the San Jose Children's Museum. It was a quick drive. I am really getting to know my way around the area. Surprise! Never felt that way when we lived in Northern California 8 years ago and would go down to San Jose to see Bryan's family.

We met Bryan's youngest brother and his two youngest kids at the location and the kids had a blast. Bug was a bit overwhelmed by the volume of kids. All of the other children seemed to have difficulty taking turns and cutting in front of Bug. This frustrated him a great deal and would lash out because of it. He would try to verbably tell them to stop but they would not and then he would hit them when they would not stop cutting in front of him. We did manage to go to an area for 4 year olds and younger. During story time they played a game of "freeze" and Bug had to make sure everyone knew how to play the game correctly. He stood up in front of everyone and explained the game. He was not nervous at all. Everyone thought he was so funny and cute, and I was embarrased (but in a good way). One lady came over to Bug after story time was done and asked him how old he was, and he said 4. She was surprised and a little amazed. She told me "He is just so cute." I smiled proundly.

He got to paint on a wall, play with some clay, blow bubbles, ride on an old Wells Fargo Wagon, and tons of other stuff I can't seem to remember at the moment.

We then headed over to Bryan's other Brother's apartment for dinner. It was nice to relax, and enjoy catching up with my sister in law. It has been way to long. She made the yummiest dinner.

Her daughter is a full year younger than Bug but they seem so much the same age, because of their height, and personality. They played well together most of the time.

Ladybug finally slept! 3 hours in a row! She was so happy when she woke up.
We headed back to our hotel at 8pm but we didn't really get there tell almost 11pm.
Bug was coughing a lot on the drive back and I realized he was having some trouble breathing. I forgot to bring his nebulizer! We drove to Walgreens, but they could not help me. We were going to drive to the ER at the hospital around the bock when I saw a Rite-Aid and went in to talk to the pharmacy. Bug has a prescription for his nebulizer through them, but they didn't have the right dosage or a nebulizer machine for me to rent. The lady was so helpful though. She called in the Rx to a different store that was closer to our hotel, and then gave us directions to the Urgent Care. We walked in, and were the last people to be excepted in since they close at 9pm. In the waiting room Bug fell asleep. I was shocked. The staff got us in quickly, and checked him over. The doctor heard some weird sounds in his right lung and ordered a chest x-ray. Ever try to get a sleeping child to stand for a chest x-ray? NOT fun! Bryan did it, thankfully. I got to wait in the room we were in and entertain Ladybug.

Side note: She started clapping her hands today! Everytime I say "hands" she claps them. I took a qick video of her doing it. Too cute. Will try to post it when I get a chance.

Back to Bug and his lung situation. The doctor prescribed an inhaler since we didn't have a nebulizer. It is quicker and he doesn't seem to fight it as much, but it is not as afficent. She also prescribed an antibiotic based on the chest x-ray. She was worried that he might have pnemonia but needed the radiologyst to look at the x-ray. They will call back with results on Monday but in the mean time she gave the antibiotic just in case it was. I don't think he has that, I just think this kid has asthma. He gets short of breath after playing hard, and he has done a lot of hard playing in not so clean settings. He was in the Ball Pit at the Jungle, and that is very dirty, as well as the McDonalds in Bend Oregon on the way down. He played in the play area while we ate. Germs! It also could be because of the hotels we have stayed in. Dusty, cleaning supplies used, you name it.

I am heading to bed now. We got in at 11pm and I am pooped. Bug is OUT!

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Kristen said...

Poor baby! Hey, if you're using the inhaler with an Aerochamber, studies have found that it's actually JUST as effective as the Nebulizer. (Princess has Asthma and her Pulminologist told us that) It's soooooooooo much easier to give that way too so rest easy. I hope he get's better very soon.

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