Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exhausted-whole body hurts.

Sent the kids over to friend's homes on Tuesday and got everything that I could possible pack packed. Everything moved upstairs except the big TV and couch.

Wednesday my other friend Alyson took the kids and we moved the stuff over. The guys we had rented to help us move were an hour and a half late. Kind of put a kink into things. The kids were over at Alyson's place a lot longer than I had wanted.

When I brought them to the new house, things were crazy. Crying, and yelling and temper tantrums and I can't find anything. I thought that I labeled things well but the movers just stacked boxes all over the garage and I can't move most of the boxes because they are to heavy for me. Bryan got home and helped me with the kids. But they are driving us both Crazy!

This is our first move with kids and two of them on top of it. It has been no fun.

Ladybug slept well through the night and so did Bug once we got him to sleep. It was late. We didn't sleep well because of no curtains on the windows. Just blinds. We are use to DARK rooms....and with the porch lite that is as bright as the sun at high noon next door our bedroom felt like the middle of the day. Plus, I keep hearing sounds. I have to get use to the noises that this house makes.

Oh, and our fridge is not working....LOL I turned it on, but it is kicking out heat. It is warmer inside of it than out side. The rental company had one of their workers come by today but he couldn't fix it, so all of our cold food is over at the old house. Ugggg. It will get worked out, just don't know when. Hoping soon.

We got Internet but need to buy a router so that we can have wireless. It is working for now.

Moving is no fun, but I am sure this place will feel like home in no time. I HOPE!
Oh and I did get some REALLY Cute pictures of Ladybug this morning. I hope to post them in the next day.

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