Monday, May 11, 2009


Busy packing. We have a truck rented for this Wednesday to move out of our house and into the rental house. Even though we don't have to be out tell the 28th.
I can't believe our house sold so fast. 4 days. Makes my head spin.
I am excited about the change, because change is always good. It helps me to step out of my comfort zone. I need to get things done for the move, get boxes, call companies to move addresses, and ask for help from friends. The last one is the hardest for me. I find it so difficult to ask for help. I can't explain really why it makes me feel so uncomfortable. Even when people offer to help I feel strange. I feel like I need to do it all myself. I don't want to be a burden to anyone.
I did try something different this time since I am going crazy...literal. The kids are making me crazy while I have been packing. This is my first move with kids. And two of them too. My visiting teachers offered to help me out with the kids and also my friend Alyson will be helping us out for the next two days. THANK GOODNESS!
Bug seems excited about the move. He keeps talking about his new blue/green room.
We will see if it will last.

I dislike moving. I am sure you all can relate. But it will be a very good thing. As the decision to move was made several issues with the neighborhood has surfaced. The latest one was on Friday of last week when I was trying to get Ladybug out of the car (her seat is on the street side) and as I was pulling her out a car came speeding up to the van. Our street is very, very narrow. I mouthed, "SLOW DOWN!" The guy went past still way to fast, then stopped and backed up. I thought "GREAT! A guy who wants to have a confrontation. Just what I need, to complete this stressful day." He says to me, "I was not driving fast. It just sounds like I was. I have kids of my own and I don't drive fast. I was not driving fast." I just looked at him stone faced and said, "Everyone drives to fast on this street." And just stared at him. He realized I was not to be messed with. He finally agreed he was driving to fast and drove away. I am so done living on this street. So change is a good thing regarding this situation.
If you don't see a post for the next few days please now I am thinking about all my blogging friends. Wishing I was blogging instead of packing and moving.


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Andrea said...

I was just wondering how the moving stuff was going. We're packing too. Not so fun.
I'm just glad this is the last move ever for us!!
You'll have to share any tips you learn!

Kristen said...

Happy Moving!! I hope it all goes smoothly for you.

Brunabug said...

I have not learned any tips, but am positive that I don't want to move ever again. But I will have to, since this is just a rental. I am going to sell tons of stuff, or get rid of tons of stuff before the next move. I had planned on doing this but with the house selling in 4 days I kind of ran out of time.

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