Monday, May 18, 2009

First Day of School

I know it is the middle of May, and it seems strange to have a post that says "First Day of School", when it seems that everyone else is either finishing up with school. But we do things backwards here. I probably could have gotten Bug into the Special Ed Pre-School last August but I was kind of busy having a baby.

I just was not in the right place to fill out all the questionairs to see if he would qualify for the Special Ed school. I really didn't have the time to do it this time either but I had too. I started the paperwork before we decided to put the house on the market to sell and little did I know that it was going to sell so quickly that I would franticly be digging through boxes to find is birthcertificate, to allow him to start school this morning.
Last Friday I spent several hours trying to locate the box that had all my office files in them. It was not a pretty picture. I was stressed and frantic, and the kids were no help. But I was determined to find that birth certificate so that I could have Bug start on Monday. I needed him to start on Monday. Needed him out of my hair so that I could unpack some more.
I have been excited about today, and thinking about all that I would be able to get done while he was at school, working on his social and emotional development. I was happy about it. When this morning came, I felt kind of weird. Sad maybe. Bryan got him dressed for me and I drove him to school for his first day. We met up with Teacher Vanessa, and all the other teachers and students in his class. There is 8 kids total in his class. They all meet up at this poll and wait for everyone to arrive then they head off to class. Bug was excited. He did great, and said goodbye to me. As I walked back to the van I suddenly felt this sadness sweep over me. I looked back at him and I started to cry. I was so glad to have my sun glasses on. I would have been so embarrased if anyone saw me. I cried on the drive home.

I got a little bit done while I was at home. Unpacked some more of my clothes but not much.

Today Bug only had an hour and 1/2 in class because he had OT to attend. It was a very difficult transistion for him and I hope to change his OT to after school but with only 4 more weeks left tell summer break we might not worry to much about that tell next year. He cried alot when I had to pick him up and yelled a lot. But as soon as I got him out to the parking lot and gave him a big hug he seemed to calm down. And then he told me about his day at school. I could tell he had a really great time!
He did great at OT today too! I was a bit worried that with school today he was not going to co-operate for McKay and it would be a waist, but he has done really good the rest of today! He has done GREAT!
So I am off to look for his back pack for school. I know we moved it with us but I seriously have no idea where it could be. It was fun getting his school work today. The teacher sent home what they were working on this week. I love that I will know what they are working on. It helps me to feel like I am apart of his school time. Can't believe Bug is finally in school! SAD but a very good thing.


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Kristen said...

That is strange to read at this time of year, but wow, how exciting!!! I sure do hope it helps develop his social/emotional development. I'm sure it will and he'll have a blast. It will also give you a nice break during the day. I'm looking forward to August when Princess starts Pre-k.

Nikkei said...

I think sending a first child to school on the first day is a bigger step for the mom than the child. I'm glad that Bug likes school!

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