Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vacation Pictures 3

Finally here are the pictures from the second part of our vacation. We drove north into Sonoma County where my family is.

This is a picture of Zack and Bug fighting over Bug's Purple Ball. CRAZY!

Grammy with Ladybug, who is enjoying teething on a coaster.

Grammy had "Push Ups" for the boys. They enjoyed them immensely.

Back at my Sister's House the next day. Bug playing with Zack and Jake's toys before they woke up from their naps.

Bug telling his stories to Zack who I think was pretty done hearing about "Back to the Future" over and over and over.

Jack and Grammy and Gerdie (doggie).

Bug had to get some Grammy hugs.

Ladybug with Uncle Brian.


These are pictures from Funky Monkey!

Right after Bug got over the top of this climbing thing he took a header. Screaming and crying began and I had to climb over this thing. I am sure it looked pretty funny.

Enjoying Pizza!

Our good friend Jerilyn and her little daughter. She is only 4 months older than Ladybug!

Lt.-Rt. Me, My sister Diana, Karlee (my niece), Bryan holding Ladybug, and Jerilyn sitting.

Ladybug with Grandpa T.


Jerilyn, with her daughter, Bryan and me with Ladybug. Bug was off running around!

The boys injoy the Monkey gym. (yep I was inside the thing too, taking pictures.)

Sausalito, CA for the Bay Area Discovery Museum.

Bug being a frog!

Ladybug enjoys the toddler Lilly Pads.

Grammy and Ladybug enjoy a snuggle.

Bug makes some waves.

Time to head back home. The goodbyes.


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