Thursday, May 07, 2009

Why are you selling your house?

Several people have asked why we are selling our house.

Well, basically Bryan is looking for a new job and it more than likely will be a job out of the state of Washington. Relocating. No job yet, but he is looking.
He has been looking for new work ever since he graduated with his Masters Degree in Public Administration. It has been tough as you all know and understand to find jobs, so it will be awhile. He does have a great part time job working for Community Minded Enterprises (CME), which I hope can turn into a full time job down the road. We will see. He is still at Spokane Transit Authority and is still a coach operator. The pay is great, and wonderful insurance but it is not challanging at all. If anyone has a lead on a job that you think Bryan might be interested in leave me a comment. I will pass on the information to him.
We had been debating for several months on wither we should put the house on the market to sell or wait tell he found a job. Our 5 year fixed mortgage was about to expire and his student loans were going to start needing to be paid in the next few months. Since the housing market seemed to be pretty slow we decided that when we went on vacation we would go a head and have the house go on the market to sell. We would not be home when the most people would want to come by and look at it. We figured it would be about 3 months tell it sold and were ready for the long wait.
As most of you know that is not what happened. It sold in 4 days. While we were on vacation. Cutting into my time looking for a rental for us to move into, tell we figure out if Bryan will have a job in a different city or if CME will hire him on full time.
I did get the call today that we got the rental that I have mentioned in previous posts. I went today and paid the deposit and first months rent. Tomorrow we do the walk through and get the key, and we can start moving stuff over soon after. I am boxing things up like crazy. We have a lot of stuff (well I have a lot of homeschooling/crafts/scrapbooking/kids toys, well......ummmm basically junk). Trying to declutter along the way. It has proven to be much more difficult with Ladybug who SCREAMS every time I leave the room.
So that is why we are selling our house. We didn't have to, just that we thought it would be the right choice for us at this time. We won't be tied down to the house when Bryan gets a new job, and if it is in a different city. Also, the neighborhood has really gone down hill since we moved in almost 5 years ago. With my van broken into for the 3rd time and a friend of mine's van broken into while she was over visiting me it was about time we thought about moving. There has been so many times the neighbors have done things that it really is time to move.
So here is hoping that the new neighborhood is a good one. It looks to be much quieter, and from what my friend Alyson says one of the Mom's club ladies lives just two houses down from the new place. :)

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Renee' P said...

I know, it's a pain to move w/kids! You can do it!
I am happy you got your rental. I hope your happy there for time being.
If you ever need to drop the kids off to do some packing by yourself, I'm just a phone call away.

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