Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Much needed break.

Vacation with kids is hard.

Really hard with a 4 year old and 8month old in the same hotel room.

Driving 15+ hours with these same kids makes you need another vacation.

Your house selling in 4 days makes you need a vacation.

Calling rentals and waiting for call backs makes you need another vacation.

I am so glad that my friend Alyson agreed to take me away from my "Mommy Life" for 24 hours starting on Tuesday.

It was much needed.

Much appreciated.

Nope Greatly appreciated.

I talked her ears off. Her ears were bleeding because I talked and talked. And she still wants to be my friend...that makes me happy.

Our day started off looking at that one rental that I mentioned already. She thought it was very cute. *by the way I still have not gotten a call back from them if our credit check passed. Ugggg, I hate the waiting. I don't do Patience very well.*

We went and had lunch, and then stopped at Toys R Us and I got a really cute play phone for Ladybug so she will leave my phone alone. Hoping it will work.

We then went to a grocery store and got supplies to have fajitas. Then it was off to the resort, where she had reserved a really nice 2 bedroom apartment like place. It was right Lake Coeur d'Alene, ID. It was beautiful. Relaxing and fun. We talked like I mentioned. Well I talked. Alyson said yes, and shook her head a lot.

We then made dinner. And it was yummy. We then talked some more and I finally needed to head to bed. I did work on some of my pictures that I took from my vacation before heading to bed. Alyson told me she didn't get to sleep tell 2am because she wanted to finish her book she was reading. I think if I had not been talking so much she might have gotten that book finished say around 11pm or midnight. LOL

The morning was so relaxing. No kids jumping on me.... ahhhhhh! We just took a relaxing time sitting around having breakfast and talking more. When it was time to check out we headed to town and went window shopping at one of the malls, and then had Mexican for lunch. Since it was Cinco de mayo it only seem appropriate to have Mexican food.

Then it was time to head back to Spokane and I got a massage. Alyson is my Massage Therapist too. LOL Bryan met me at her work and I got to see the kids. It was great to see them. I missed them a lot. They didn't seem to really notice I was gone. LOL Bryan did good taking care of them.

Got home and the house inspection was still taking place and unfortunately I got upset and my relaxing 24 hours were gone. It really was not a bad thing that they were still there. I just wanted to be home. It was raining and Ladybug was fussing in the car. I did end up meeting the lady who is buying our home and it was nice to meet her. She seems really nice. I feel she will love our house as much as we have. So that was good, but now I am even more worried about the rental. They still have not called.

And as I have been typing this blog post (started at 7:19pm and it is now 7:40pm) the phone has rang two times and when the machine picks up who ever is calling hangs up. Telemarketers. I can't stand them. Maybe we should get a new phone number when we move?


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MaryRuth said...

Ok, I've read through three months of posts trying to figure out why you were selling your house? Did I miss it? Why are you selling your house?? LOL!

Miss you!

Glad you had fun in C d'A

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