Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10 Months old ~ Oh My!

Ladybug is 10 months old today! Can't believe it. It feels like it was just 9 months. We went and got pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids again. They always do such a great job. I love going there. The prices are so resonable. And Ladybug loves to go. She gets so excited in front of the camera.

Things Ladybug is doing now.

1. Waving! She loves to wave at people. Does it all the time. Mosty the single hand wave, kind of like she is practicing for "Miss America". But when she is overly excited she will use two hands to wave. But this quickly turns into her looking like she is flapping her arms to fly. lol

2. Trying to stand by her self. Still pretty wabbaly, but she is trying really hard.

3. Back to blowing raspberries. She and Bug do it them to each other all the time. I heard them the other day and came into the living room to find them both staring at each other doing them. They were both laughing too. It was funny. Camera battery was dead so I couldn't take a picture.

4. Ladybug has 4 teeth coming in on the top and 2 more bottom teeth coming in. This has made our little lady not such a happy bug. She has been CRANKY! And has had diareaha really really bad, causing a diaper rash that has taken for ever to clear up. I finally have it under control, but it was the worse that I have ever seen. She physically pushed my hands away several times while I tried to clean her up a few times. That made me so sad, because I knew I was hurting her even though I was trying so hard not too. Well, I finally do have things under control so here is hoping it stays that way. The teeth have just broken the surface so it will be a while tell we can really see them and get some good pictures of them.

5. She also has started shaking her head "Yes" and "No". And I am pretty sure she understands the difference between the two.

Actually Ladybug just had her 9 month check up (I know it is funny that it was so late this months but that is when we could get in)
Weight 18 pounds and 9 oz. (34%)
Height 29 1/2 inches (92%)
Head 17 1/2 inches (55%)

So explains why her 9 months clothes are mostly not fitting because of her length, but the 12 month clothes are falling off her. She is so LONG but THIN. She is the complete opposite to Bug who at the same age was SHORT and THICK!

I am loving all the new things she has been doing. Can't wait to see what this next month provides...

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jennbecc said...

Great stats! Happy 10 months LB! :)

MaryRuth said...

I can't believe she's 10 months!! Its going by so fast!

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