Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Future in your eyes.

This picture was taken on Friday of this past week. Ladybug and I were out side in the back yard watching Bug run in the sprinkler. I crack up each time I see the picture because I can totally read her mind. "MOM! What are you doing? Stop taking pictures and give me that stinking camera!" I see the future in this picture. I see Ladybug as a teenager, giving me this same look. LOL
Had to post that Ladybug is officially waving her hands. She started it last night during dinner. She kept putting her hand up when I was feeding her, and then I realized she was waving. It is so cute. Bug never did do this. He does wave but he probably started waving when he was like 2 yrs old or older.
So now Ladybug is clapping her hands, blowing raspberries, waving, and shaking her head "NO". It is so funny. She keeps learning something new everyday. And the pulling her self up to stand is getting better every day. She crawls everywhere....FAST! Talking all the time. (babble, babble, babble) And laughs really hard when Bug does something funny. She just thinks her brother is the GREATEST! I hope that lasts.

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jennbecc said...

Funny! I'm sure you wont have to wait until she's a teen to get the look all the time. Looks like she's perfected it already and will be using it at full strength when the terrible twos hit! *L*

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