Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last day of School- a week ago

This is a late late post. Bug's last day of school for this past school year was on the 16th. I was able to go to school with him this day and had the best time. He is such a big boy. He has grown up so much in the short amount of time he started attending school this year. It amazes me. I am proud of him, and how hard he tries to do what is right.

I was "beaming" when Bug introduced me at circle time. He sat so well with all the other kids, and participated with the singing. He even said my name with out needing to be prompted by the teacher. He knows my real name, so I am not just Mommy. This is good news to know. If he gets lost somewhere maybe he can tell someone who his Mommy's name is, and they can find me.

It was also fun to watch him playing with all the other kids on the playground. He and his good Buddie "C" were playing bubbles most of the hour. Taking turns blowing and chasing. I did notice that Bug was getting a bit tired, and overly stimulated with all the fun going on and he was kind of frantically running around. This is usually when I noticed his red patch appear next to his left ear, and cheek (kind of on his temple area). People seem to notice it too and think he has fallen or hurt himself. I just let them know it is a sign that he is overly tired, or overly hot. And when it appears he gets really crazy, and sometime aggressive. Well, sure enough I witnessed him "head butt" one of his little class mates. The teachers were so good at dealing with the behavior and he complied with the punishment he received. Time Out, and then apologize to his classmate. He didn't fuss to much but seemed sincere with being sorry. It was really good for me to see how the teachers dealt with it. Has given me some pointers on how to make it work at home. Although, I think I have the disadvantage because I am MOM. I tend to get to personal with him and that is not a good thing.

When we went inside after playing his teacher gave each of the kids a book that she made with pictures of them in them. It was pictures of them doing different activities at school. Bug was so excited to get the book and has been looking at his book over and over. What a cleaver idea for his teacher to do for him. And I love that they were able to get pictures of him for his book even though he was only in school for 6 weeks total I think.

So here is to a long summer...not really. But Bug keeps asking me "Is it time to go to school yet?" He loved it so much and misses going. I hope the summer goes by quickly for him so that he will not get to sad about not going to school right now. I have been trying to come up with something fun to do each day to help keep his mind off of the time.

Oh I just had a thought that I needed to post. I am amazed how quickly Bug adapted to attending school. It is 2 1/2 hours 4 days a week. He never needed to transition into attending this many hours. When I had him in the Montessori school back in November the teachers kept telling me to just to an hour and then we could work on longer hours. I remember being frustrated because I was paying for the full 2 1/2 hours but he was only allowed to attend 1 hour 3 days a week. Bug just needed the structure, and someone to believe he could do it. And his teachers at Madison Elementary (Teacher Nessa and Teacher Jennifer) believed in him and he succeeded because of their love and support.
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