Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Little Artist

Bug drew himself, me and his little sister in the above picture. We were having music time and dancing around to some of my fun music. R.E.M. "Shinny Happy People". Bug was having such a fun time that he wanted to draw a picture of how much fun we were having. I love the music notes in the picture. And can you see Ladybug? He had to make sure she was dancing too, with her "Big Girl" legs.

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Andrea said...

that's so cute!!

jennbecc said...

Cute! But I had to laugh because he wants to DRAW pictures of how much fun you're having....Zack always wants me to TAKE pictures of everything that he thinks is fun or is in his words..."beautiful!" Then he asks to look at the pictures or video he made me take. So funny! I can't wait for Z&J to draw people!

Stephani said...

Ahh, I love kid art! I am one of those moms that hangs on to about every single drawing my kids make. So fun to look back at and to frame as keepsakes. :)

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