Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Aqua Doodle Fun!

My friend Alyson's Son (also known as "Bug") came over for a few hours the other day while Alyson went to her shop for a bit. Her son brought an Aqua-Doodle pad with three pens for the kids to draw fun pictures with water on the mat. Bug has a great time and so did Ladybug. Here are some of the pictures that I got of them all playing together.

It was all fun tell Ladybug decided that she was going to crawl right in the middle of the mat, so no one could color anymore.

Ladybug gets her own pens and some paper so she can happily color off to the side and the boys can draw tell their hearts content.

Just so cute that she is trying to draw. She seems so young to be doing this. She even tries to feed herself with a spoon too. Not anyway near being successful at that, but she keeps trying.

Hope you all had a fun filled "Doodles" Day!
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Renee' P said...

How cute! we have an aqua doodle mat, but I never thought to buy more pens! I will do that.
Cute pics! Looks like all the kids had a fun time!
Don't worry, Lil trys to feed herself w/a spoon too and has colored as well.

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