Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Nuttin much to document. It is that time of the year when things seem to stand still. We are doing all the usual busy stuff, and with school starting this year have added to the list of things we do, but at the same time there is nothing much to report. It is that time of the year when I eagerly waiting the holidays to arrive. When I feel the crispness in the air start to appear each morning and long for Pumpkin Pie, and Caramel Apples, and decorating for each new month's holiday. It is still too soon to start the Pumpkin Carving Parties.

As I walked into the grocery store today to get my monthly free food from WIC for Bug I pictured the bales of hay and the hundreds of orange balls of "Pumkinie" FUN! But instead all I saw was the transition from Summer flowers to boxes of winter wood to purchase. But it will be only a mater of time I will get to see my balls of orange goodness.

Bug seems to be enjoying school. I have not received any reports from his teacher good or bad. He looks so cute as he waves at me from the bus as it drives away to take him to school. I am really enjoying my time away from him as well. Quite is all I can say. Strange how I didn't realize how nice quite was. Bug is usually making some kind of noise at all times he is a wake.

Ladybug has become really really clingy. Today while trying to make lunch for the family, I asked Bryan to hold her so that I had my hands free. She SCREAMED her head off the whole 10 minutes while I was cooking. And as soon as I came in the room and picked her up she stopped. I have a "Mommy's Girl" Bug was and still very much is a "Daddy's Boy". I remember how I felt like "chopped liver" when Bryan would head to work and Bug would just cry and cry and cry. He acted like the world was coming to an end. I use to be jealous. Not so much now.

And since every post really should have a picture to share.....I am going to post a silly one of Bug wearing his swimming goggles.

This was taken several weeks ago, when my sister and mother were visiting. He was wearing a pull-up. In fact this was the last day he ever wore a pull up. A few hours after this picture was taken my mother told Bug he needed to go take the pull up off if he wanted to come outside in the back yard. Bug looked at her and then went into the bathroom and did his business. He has continued to do his business in the bathroom ever sense. Crazy...when this kid finally gets something he GETS IT! No turning back.

OH OH and I was tying this blog post....Bug called me outside to help him plant some apple seeds. When I went outside to check on him something fell from the overhang on the side of the house and it But when I looked closely at what fell, I saw a praying mantis. A tan colored praying mantis. Cooooool. It was sooo amazing and creepy to watch him climb up the side of the house and then over to a bush in our back yard. I didn't have my camera to take any pictures. It was just so cool. But at the same time....gave me the creeps. I have never seen a live praying mantis before. I have seen pictures and watched videos...but never saw one crawling and creeping around right in front of my own eyes.


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Andrea said...

It's amazing how a little quiet can make a big difference.
yea for no more pull ups.

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