Friday, September 04, 2009

Super woman or just a frantic Mother?

What would you do if you hear your 1 year old baby crying in her room, and you can't get to her because your older son has locked the bedroom door. The nob locks from the inside and you are in the hallway. Your son is also in the hall way, and the nob needs a key to unlock it. There is no screws so you can't use a screw driver to take the nob off. All you hear is screaming..thinking the worst. Did your son somehow hurt your frantic daughter who is on the other side of this door you can't OPEN to save your life. You rush outside to see if you can get in the window, but the window is right over the basement egresses window and you can't get to the ladder to place in the egresses area to try and open the window. You do realize that the window is locked too when you try to push it open. But you can hear with all clarity like you are standing right next to your baby her screams.

Then you run back inside to the door and with all your strength you ram the door with your right shoulder. Once, twice, and on the third time the door pops! You swoop your baby up in your arms...and rush out of the room into the living room to get yourself as far away from that stupid door.

Can I ask again, WHY does this house we are renting have locks on all the doors and WE DON'T HAVE KEYS TO ANY OF THEM!!!! There is locks on every bedroom door, the bathroom door, the basement door, and the linen closet. Who would lock themselves inside the linen closet??? Why do you need a lock on a linen closet! I have talked to the rental agency about getting new nobs..but they have just ignored me. Not returned my calls. Well know they have a busted door frame for them to deal with.

This was not the first time that Bug has locked doors in this rental. But this was the first time that someone was trapped inside. Uggggg.
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Jennie said...

that does not sound fun! i am so sorry!

Becky said...

How scary! We have had that happen before too- but we have had a way to pop the handle off the door. Glad you were able to get in- and I hope the rental agency is nice to you about the broken door frame! It is their fault that they didn't give you any keys . . .

Alyson said...

That boy of yours, I think its time to spend the money on the new handles and just send in the reciept with the difference subtracted from your rent.

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