Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I want to go to bed MOM!

See I got my book? What about my hair?

See I am eating my book? Still talking about my hair?

I want to snuggle MOM!

Come on! I am sooo cute and you want to read me this book!

I am getting angry now!

Mom! I don't really want to be silly for the camera. But my hair does look pretty cute all in a pixie!

I am going to get you!!!

OHHHH Brother is going to get me!

Why do I have my mouth open all the time? ah, I see now. Mommy you taught me well.

This was suppose to be upside down! I have no idea why it is this way.

Mom, Please!!!!

I am going to take this pumpkin sign down to show you how much I want to go to BED! NOW!


And the video that tells it all!

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