Sunday, November 08, 2009

Water Park on Friday

We drove to Hayden, Idaho last Friday and went to a fun indoor water park called Triple Play. It was fun to get out of the cold weather and enjoy some water fun with the kids. Ladybug was not so sure about the whole thing.

The water was colder than her baths at home and that made her not to excited to venture out to far. She did loosen up a little bit after about and hour an 1/2 being there. Bug loved it! Unfortuantly he was 1/2 inch to short to go down the water slides so he spent most of the time in the kiddie area or floating on the tubes in the Rapids area.
But I think we all had a good time. Here are a few pictures of us having a good time.

2 jittering comments:

jennbecc said...

Looks like a really fun place! Too bad Bug was too short for the slides. :( Next time!! Zack wants to be tall enough to ride "The green train" (aka: Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland) After every meal he says, "I'm bigger momma! I need to measure!" He really is worse than me when it comes to loving DL! lol Who whould have thought it was possible?

Stephani said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I live out here and have yet to try that place out, my kids would probably love it.

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