Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve found Bug and me making sugar cookies for Santa. We did this last year, but Bryan and Bug did it. I just made the cookies and let them do the decorating. This year since Bryan had to work I was the one in charge to get the frosting made and sprinkles out. It actually was really fun. Bug had a blast decorating. I think out of the 24 cookies I made he decorated 3. :)

Next was time to open our Christmas Jammies and get ready for bed. Here is Bug's jammies.

And here is Ladybug opening her package. She still was not so sure about the whole idea of ripping the paper.

Here is her red-Christmas sleeper.

A picture of us in front of the Christmas tree before heading off to bed.

Once the kids were snugly tucked into their beds, I headed back out to put the gifts out under the tree. I then tried to take some pictures. Here is my first attempt. Looks like the tree is on fire. LOL

This one is much better.

Christmas morning started at 6:15am. Bug was just so excited that Santa left him his stocking filled on the foot of his bed. We had hoped that leaving it in his room would help to keep him in his room a bit longer, since he was just so excited. It worked for 15 mins. So we all came out the living room...and Bug found the letter that Santa left him, thanking him for the cookies. He helped Ladybug open her stocking and they both played for a bit with the non-opened presents that were under the tree while I made a quick potato casserole. Then it was time to dig into those gifts. And the fun really began. Here is a picture of Bug and Ladybug fighting over Bugs gift from Daddy. *yes, I am getting the idea that the two of them are going to fight a lot as they grow up*

Getting the pen and paper out to write down who got what, for Thank you notes.

Just a quick highlight of the gifts.
Ladybug on her ladybug scooter, from Grandpa Teter.

Bryan got Star Trek the movie from Grandpa Teter.

I got this really cool vanilla candle that runs on batteries. It flickers like a real flame, and smells really good too. I got this from my mother.

Bug got this Leapster from Grandpa Teter as well. The kids got tons and tons of really fun gifts, but these are the only pictures that got that have them smiling at the camera.

Ladybug also got an aqua doodle from Auntie Jen, and she loves it. I will post pictures of her doodling next.
I got to call my father, and step mom, Grandmother, my step dad, and my mother and sister's family. Bryan called his parents and brothers on Wednesday as they were all getting together that day to exchange gifts.
Merry Christmas to you all.

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Stephani said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas. :) What cute kids!

Alyson said...

Hey those jammies look familiar, Cole has the same pair. Wonder where you got them, hmmmmm.

Glad you guys had such a nice Christmas.

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