Monday, December 21, 2009

Pictures *lots and lots*

I seriously need to get a new camera, or tape my kids in one spot so that I can take a decent picture of them. Here are several pictures that I have been taking, and just have not blogged about yet.

Bug with his "Christmas Cake." He enjoyed the decorating, and trying to squirt the 'blue' frosting on the cake, and kept saying that "Frosty the Snowman is iceskating!"

One evening when I was getting the kids ready for bathtime, I came across these treasures in my bathroom.

Me trying to give Ladybug a kiss. We were heading out to the Adoption of my good friend Renee' and Vince to their little Foster Daughter- now Adopted daughter. Ladybug just laughed at me.

Bug showing me his muscles.

Ladybug in Bug's messy bedroom. She got his water cup that he has for at night. She loves to drink out of straws all the time.

We finally put up our Christmas Tree on Saturday and Bug was so excited to hang the ornaments on it.

Just some silly pictures of Ladybug. I finally managed to get two 'piggys' in her hair and was snapping pictures of her to document. She was all over the place! Hence the blurry pictures..and the need for either a new camera or tape to immobilize my kids for pictures.

The sunday before Christmas and got the kids dressed in their Christmas outfits. More 'piggys' for Ladybug's hair.

Cheesy grins.

At the Moms Club Christmas Party. Three attempts to get a decent picture. NO such luck. But these crack me up anyway.

Ladybug was dancing. So Funny!

Bug making Christmas Wrapping paper at the Christmas Party. He worked on this while Santa Claus arrived. He was scared of Santa *aka- Daddy* because he said he was a lot taller than the other Santa he saw. So he refused to go get his picture taken with him. Ladybug got her picture taken. I didn't get a picture of it because my camera was in the other room. But pictures were taken by the Moms Club President and she is suppose to email out the pictures soon. I will update this post when I get that picture.

Bug really enjoyed the stamping. It seemed soothing to him. He had a good time playing with his friend Cole, but after an hour of running and climbing through the play structure, all the boys were pretty tired of each other.

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